Journey to the West 2: Appreciation of the Fifth-Order Demonic Immortal Artifacts! which one you haven’t used

In the previous content, Yixin and my friends took stock of the immortal weapons that you can use in the indiscriminate competition, and the advantages of each weapon. Today, we will focus on the demon weapons and take a look at the demon weapons. What are the highlights of the fifth-order immortal artifact?

Demons’ fairy weapons can be divided into several categories. One type of fairy weapon has no attribute requirements. It strengthens defense spells and strengthens the additional speed of shock and deterrence. For example, the fifth-order love in the picture above is characterized by this type of fairy. There is no attribute requirement, and it is suitable for female demons with all-sensitivity plus points. In addition, there are strong gram attributes on this type of fairy weapon, which can be used for daily and PK.

In addition to the immortal artifact without attribute requirements, there is also a kind of immortal artifact with root bone requirements. This type of immortal artifact comes with a root bone requirement of 500 points, while adding 42 spirituality and 60 root bone respectively, compared to The former, this fairy weapon has greatly improved in strengthening the defense spell, but the strengthening of the shock attribute has been reduced.

Among the weapons of the demons, there are also various types of fairy weapons for the fifth-order enhancement acceleration spell. One of the types appears in the form of a combination of speed spells and shock spell gains. In addition, there are enhancement effects. And additional speed exists as a secondary attribute.

Another kind of demon fairy weapon is to strengthen the acceleration spell, strengthen the attack spell, and strengthen the shock, and it appears in a form of three-in-one spell gain. This kind of fairy tool is also assisted by strong gram and additional speed, which is more suitable for Male demon, but the speed enhancement spell of this weapon is somewhat lacking in attributes compared to the former.

Generally, the fairy weapons that strengthen acceleration spells are mostly those that have no attribute requirements. As we all know, the agility of the demons is supreme, unless very few female demons will allocate the root bone points to be a pan demon. , but this fifth-order fairy weapon is an exception. It actually has a root bone requirement of 500. Strengthening the speed spell and strengthening the shock is just a replica of the root bone plate. Such a fairy tool is indeed rarely used by the demons. , Strengthening shock and deterrence is also much higher than ordinary weapons, and it may be good for daily use.

In the fairy tool family of the Demon Race, there is also a fairy tool, which is a powerful weapon with power requirements. At present, only the fifth-order fairy tool Hongchen has such attributes. The attributes of strong water repellency, hit, fatal, frenzy, combo, counterattack rate, and counterattack times, the only flaw is that the defense probability/degree is not ignored. It is estimated that this kind of weapon is rarely used by demons. Apart from the above types of demons, which fifth-order demons have you seen? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss. See you next time for more exciting content.