Joining hands with the WorldSkills Competition, “Shining Accuracy” escorts the CAD mechanical design competition

The picture comes from the official WeChat account of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

On October 23, French time, the CAD mechanical design competition of the WorldSkills Competition came to an end. As the equipment sponsor of this competition, Shining 3D provided equipment and technical support for the contestants from all over the world.

Zheng Xusheng of China won the bronze medal in the CAD mechanical design project.

Advanced strength, technical support

Help the CAD mechanical design competition to be successfully held

As a long-term partner of the WorldSkills Competition, Shining 3D has continued to provide technical support for the 2018 World Championships and more than 200 related trials around the world, starting from the 45th World Championships National Trials and the Hungarian EU Skills Competition in 2018. Show the strength of Chinese enterprises on the international stage, and let the world feel the “first coming precision”.

Shining 3D

Device support

As the designated equipment for the CAD mechanical design competition of the World Championship, the Shining 3D EinScan Pro EP multifunctional non-contact 3D measuring instrument has high-precision 3D data acquisition capabilities and can adapt to a wide range of 3D measurement and design application scenarios, providing players It provides an effective way to quickly and efficiently obtain component model data.