Jingzhou elegant talk about how to be an excellent e-commerce customer service

If you are a good Taobao customer service, you usually deal more with customers, mainly pre-sale and after-sale, so Jingzhou Elegant suggests doing the following:

First, be familiar with the company’s products, and be familiar with the company’s business philosophy and corporate culture.

When you are new to a company, the most important thing to do is to quickly familiarize yourself with the company’s information. To be completely familiar with the company’s products, from product production, transportation, packaging, use, and possible after-sales problems, to be familiar with every aspect. At the same time, you need to be familiar with the company as a whole, including the company’s colleagues, the company’s business affairs…

Second, familiarize yourself with the Taobao transaction process, and make yourself a person who understands Taobao rules. You are an expert in the eyes of customers.

For many consumers, shopping in the online store, he (she) often does not understand Taobao rules, or some Taobao processes, such as some after-sales customers may involve how to apply for after-sales, Alipay docking and other issues, At this time, customer service experts are required to come forward. No matter what problems customers encounter with Taobao, customer service should solve them accurately and accurately in the first time. Therefore, new customer service personnel must learn the knowledge of Taobao platform, and must be familiar with the information in the help of merchants and buyers on Taobao platform.

Third, act humbly, especially when communicating with customers, be sure to say more, “I’m sorry, it’s our responsibility, we will pay attention in the future, we will definitely strengthen this aspect…”

I believe that as long as you do the above two points, you will be able to communicate with customers with ease. Then you need to pay attention to your own communication attitude. Sometimes there are some problems, which may not be the problems that the company can do. Customers will also blame the company. Take the problem over, and take the initiative to deal with it, don’t shirk.

The position of customer service is very critical, and it can play the role of a linking agent in the entire e-commerce team. It is mainly to collect customer problems. These problems may be at all levels of the company. For example, the product received by the customer does not match the description page. At this time, it is necessary to communicate with the operation and the artist. For example, the customer needs to modify the order information, and the customer service may forget to modify it. Now, this requires communication with pre-sales customer service. For example, if the goods received by the customer are wrongly developed or damaged, they need to communicate with the warehouse.

Jingzhou elegant finally concluded that the position of customer service is very important. It is the only window through which customers can contact the company. Customers will also have a general evaluation of the company based on the communication with customer service.