“Jingdong customer service” call? A citizen of Bijie was defrauded of 363,000 yuan!

“Hello, I’m Jingdong customer service

Are you XXX?

You have a Jingdong white note that has not been cancelled

Not logging out will affect your personal credit

and bear the relevant legal responsibilities…”

hear this call

Are you panicking

Maybe you are falling into

The scammer’s trap


Recently, there have been a number of fraud cases in Bijie posing as JD.com customer service for the reasons of canceling campus loans, upgrading JD.com financial services, lowering JD.com loan interest, increasing JD.com’s white note quota, and canceling membership business . The general public is requested to be vigilant and beware of being deceived. !

Typical Case

1. On October 3, 2022, Feng received a call with the number: 035****3236. The other party said that he was a staff member of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. The current bank interest rate has been lowered, and a database needs to be remarked, asking Feng to Shut down Jingdong Gold Bar, otherwise it will affect its credit investigation and bear relevant legal responsibilities. Subsequently, the other party asked Feng to download a conference APP, and under the inducement of the other party, Feng was deceived of 363,000 yuan.

2. On October 6, 2022, Huang in Dafang County received a call from “0851-1****99681, 0851-1****9681”, the other party claimed to be JD.com customer service, and told him that there was a problem with his credit report. Repair, Huang downloaded a meeting APP according to the other party’s request and opened a real-time meeting sharing with the other party. After checking his credit information, he took a loan of 100,000 yuan on the ICBC Financial E-loan. For this reason, Huang was defrauded of 100,000 yuan.

3. On October 10, 2022, Xie from Zhijin County received a call with the number 085****5232, claiming to be JD.com customer service, saying that they wanted to recover the money on his JD.com white note, and asked Xie to open his own first. The amount of Jingdong white bars, after clicking it, found that there was a quota of 20,000 yuan on the white bars.

The JD.com customer service said that the China Banking Regulatory Commission has authorized relevant operations, so that it must download an APP of a certain meeting as required, log in to the account, and teach it to operate through the shared screen. If Xie does not ask for the operation, he will bear the interest of 200,000 yuan. After downloading a conference APP, Xie Mou shared the screen as required, and was defrauded of 158,000 yuan.

Common tricks used by scammers

There are the following

Everyone be careful!

1. Criminals pretend to be JD.com customer service by using fixed telephones or mobile phones such as overseas numbers starting with “+, 00”, “area code + landline number”, claiming that the victim’s JD. Campus loans, loan amounts need to be adjusted, online shopping orders need to be returned for refunds, etc. If they are not dealt with in time, their credit investigation will be affected, causing psychological panic to the victim, causing the victim to fall into the preset trap step by step;

2. Ask the victim to download an app such as a cloud conference, a book conference, etc. for video conversations, and enable screen sharing;

3. After obtaining the JD login verification code through screen sharing, log in to the victim JD.com via the remote webpage, and publish the fake JD.com financial work permit, the CBRC and other departments to strengthen the campus loan management notice on the customer service dialogue interface to enhance trust;

4. The victim is required to transfer his own funds and funds lent through the loan APP to his bank card, and then transfer them to the designated “secure account” to carry out “fund verification.”

In this regard, the police advise:

1. Verification of identity official website authentication

If you receive a phone call from a staff claiming to be JD.com, Alipay or Weibo, you must be vigilant and don’t believe in transferring money; if you have any questions, please call JD.com’s official customer service number directly for verification.

2. Refuse to disclose personal information

Identity information, bank accounts, verification codes, and various passwords should be carefully kept and never disclosed.

Don’t easily trust calls from unknown sources, and avoid further opportunities for criminals to set up traps. Faced with the request to add friends, you must verify the other party’s information again and again.

By learning the knowledge in it, you can effectively avoid the occurrence of various online frauds, improve the anti-fraud ability of each user, and report various fraudulent information to the platform at any time to reduce unnecessary property losses.

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Source: Bijie Public Security

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