Jinan Mini Program Development: Why do development companies focus on product project requirements?

There is such a jargon in software development projects: Before starting a project, we must grasp the three major requirements: business requirements, user requirements and functional requirements. As long as these three requirements can be clarified, we can achieve what developers need to operate. The standard to meet the goals of software development, which is why many projects need to be prepared before the official start to achieve it?

Business requirements: generally understand the connection between the business and the project, the cost budget, the time budget and the related connection between the business points in the early stage.

User requirements: It is mainly used for user use in the early stage of the project, research on user requirements and related content, and whether the project meets the user’s use.

Functional requirements: It is the function of this project. The logic of a small function must be reviewed and viewed, so that developers can find the core function points.

The reasons why software companies pay more attention to the functional requirements of product projects at present:

1. The current market demand is constantly improving. Different projects face different user groups. If the early research is not done well, it is difficult to achieve good results in the later use.

2. R&D projects generally have a long construction period. At this time, a clear functional requirements table is required to achieve effective project operation.

3. The completion of a project requires some complex technologies to achieve. We must do a good job in personnel allocation and technical content in advance, and even some technologies need to be overcome.

The focus of demand analysis is to understand the needs of customers, understand the direction of later development, lay a solid foundation for the development of the entire project, and then implement corresponding plans and analysis points according to the entire project:

Prototypes can be based on the requirements framework proposed by users. The role of requirements prototype is to facilitate the creation of system models. That is to say, requirements prototype can facilitate the transition from user requirements to system requirements;

The functional hierarchy model diagram uses a rectangle to represent the subsystems or functional modules in the system, and uses a tree-shaped connection structure to express the functional hierarchical relationship of the system;

The transition from user requirements to system requirements can be achieved by relying on data flow diagrams.