Jianwang 3 unpopular appearance inventory, why is the Jibox so expensive? The mink box is not as good as the Penglai school uniform?

I believe everyone has the experience of bumping into shirts, right? It’s nice to have a good-looking dress, but it’s even better if it’s unique. Next, let’s take a look at the unpopular appearances of “Jianwang 3” that are not easy to bump into shirts!

The first is the “Pink Bodhi” ancient rhythm Huashang box. This purple color can be said to be quite gentle, especially for an adult girl. The slightly coiled hair is very atmospheric. The lavender dress with a tube top design is not only graceful but also very noble. It feels like a lady.

And this set of appearance is also very unpopular, not because it is expensive, but really can’t get it! Many players want to start after being planted by the purple grass, but they have nowhere to get it, and even the all-powerful TB can’t ask.

At first glance, this appearance is not enough. It is a bit similar to the new school uniform “Zhanfeng Set” Penglai school uniform. Favored?

And not only this time, the first generation of school uniforms in Penglai had surpassed the whole school, and even most of the outrageously expensive limited-edition boxes such as mink boxes and ji boxes, and the overall beauty explosion was not controversial.

With Miss Qianjin, then there must be a villain? This set is a re-engraved Green Xiaoxiang. The overall design with green as the main color makes people look very refreshing, and it feels very refreshing in spring, summer and autumn. This texture and breathability can’t be found in all the green clothes in “Jianwang 3”, right?

And compared with Qingluo, this set makes people feel a bit like the villain’s eldest son? Many people choose to re-engraved Xiaoxiang in white, and this green set is also relatively unpopular. As long as you pinch your face well, it will be absolutely amazing!

The third set is the Chongyang box. The fourth-generation Chongyang suit is quite temperament. The three colors of white, light yellow and orange make people look very comfortable. The fabric has a drape and top quality visible to the naked eye, and the embroidery on the skirt is also The icing on the cake makes people feel very dignified and rich at first glance.

Why are such beautiful clothes unpopular? That’s because the previous limited snaps were sold out in 10 seconds. You can imagine how much everyone likes it. The fourth and fifth generations of Chongyang boxes have a very low rate of bumping into shirts.

The last appearance is “Jiange Jingyue” Jibox, because the pet of Tibetan sword’s martial art is a chicken, so the hidden sword box Jiange Jingyue is also jokingly called Jibox. When it was just launched, everyone disliked the appearance of the bag, and it was seriously worn and didn’t buy it. I didn’t expect that the price trend would catch up with the black box later.

This unpopular set is mainly unaffordable, because when it first came out, everyone thought it was ugly and did not buy it. Now that there are fewer goods, the tide will naturally rise, and supply and demand determine the market price. The Lolita Box is very youthful and lively. The short skirt is mainly light gold, the skirt is irregularly designed, and the upper body is decorated with knots and flowers.

The above is all the content of today. If you don’t want to bump into other people’s shirts in the main city, you can consider investing in these boxes. In your mind, what is the better box for “Jianwang 3” than the hidden sword box?