Jiangsu Zongshen Small Classroom: How to maintain the paint layer of electric tricycles?

Want to extend the life of your electric tricycle. To protect the paint layer of electric vehicles, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points:

     1. Always wipe off the water on the surface of the electric tricycle. Moisture can easily rust electric vehicle parts. After the electric vehicle is exposed to the rain, first absorb the water with a dry cloth, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

     2. Paint parts must not be oiled, wiped with kerosene, gasoline, engine oil, etc. Because of the chemical reaction between the oil and the paint layer, it is easy to tarnish the paint surface. Over time, it will also cause the paint layer to blister or peel off. In order to protect the paint, some friends like to wrap the frame or front and rear forks with plastic tape or wax cloth tape, which will easily damage the paint layer. Because the organic components such as phthalic acid contained in the plastic tape will penetrate into the paint film after gradually volatilizing, causing the film to foam and fall off. In addition, the plastic tape and wax cloth are not easy to dry when exposed to water, and they will bond with the oil coating within a day, causing the paint film to fall off.

     3. Electric tricycles should be parked away from environments containing acids, alkalis, salts or other harmful gases, and should not be parked in humid and high temperature places. Avoid exposure to sunlight when parked in summer, so as not to accelerate the aging of the paint layer.

     4. Spray the amino alkyd varnish, that is, the paint parts of the varnish, and cannot be wiped with car wax. Because the car wax contains acidic substances, it can dissolve and remove the military glossy paint. Frequent rubbing will make the paint film lose its luster.