Jiangsu Zongshen Small Classroom: Common Sense of Three-wheeled Motorcycle Maintenance

 Three-wheeled motorcycle maintenance common sense

First, the role of oil

As the lubricant of the engine, oil not only plays the role of lubrication and anti-wear, but also has the functions of cooling, cleaning, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. 

Second, how to distinguish between genuine and fake engine oil 

1. The appearance of the real engine oil packaging is clean and beautiful, without oil stains and dust, and the sealing cover is a one-time cover; 

2. Pour out the real oil and observe, the real oil is light and transparent, no impurities, no suspended matter, no sediment, and light taste; 

3. The fluidity of real oil is better when it shakes. 

4. Fake oil or dark oil color, or impurity sediment, or strong and irritating taste; 

5. The fluidity of the fake oil is poor when it is shaken, or there is a wire drawing phenomenon when touched by hand.

3. The meaning of oil index

“S” means gasoline, “C” means diesel, and the following English letters indicate the oil level, “A” is the lowest level, “G” is the highest level, commonly used are “C”, “D”, “E” and “” F” and other grades, and “W” means zero degrees.

4. Comparison of the effect of good and bad engine oil after use