‘Jelly Bean’-like mobile game Stumble Guys grosses over $60 million

Stumble Guys, a multiplayer online game under the Finnish indie game Kitka Games, once swept the major overseas mobile game markets and topped the iOS app list. Now, this game has crossed another milestone with more than 265 million downloads. Developers earned over $60 million in in-app purchases.

On September 8, Scopely announced the acquisition of the game from Kitka Games, and with Scopely’s backing, the Stumble Guys developers began hiring staff to build the game in Barcelona, ​​Mexico City, Singapore and California.

Since then, the game has continued to top the charts in the US, UK and major European markets including France and Germany. Stumble Guys has averaged 29.5 million monthly downloads and more than $8 million in revenue for developers, according to data from Appmagic over the past six months, excluding app store fees or ad monetization.

In terms of downloads, Indonesia and Brazil are the main markets for Stumble Guys, where PC and console penetration is much lower. Indonesia leads the pack with 59 million downloads, of which 56 million came from Google Play. Brazil has 37.7 million downloads, dominated by the Android store. This is followed by the United States, India and Mexico.

Overall revenue was different, with the U.S. market leading the pack with $17.8 million, followed by Brazil (7.4 million), Indonesia (5.85 million), Italy (4.4 million) and Germany (4.1 million).