JDG1-3 lost to T1, LPL’s last hope is gone, LCK pre-books S12 championship in advance

On October 30th, Beijing time, JDG1-3 lost to T1, the last hope of LPL was gone, and LCK scheduled this year’s world championship in advance. This is also the first time since 2018 that LPL missed the final of the S competition, and this year is also likely to be a re-enactment of 2017, with T1 and GEN joining the finals, but from the current state, the results should change, it is very likely It was Faker who picked up his fourth championship trophy.

JDG, TES, EDG and RNG were hailed as the strongest lineup in LPL history before the game, and some people even fantasized about their situation in which they took the top four. Now it really seems like a joke. It can only be said that the understanding of LPL’s version of this World Championship is really behind the LCK. There are only a few heroes to play with, but the result is that the laning can’t be played, and the operation can’t play. It seems to have returned to the darkness before S7 overnight. In the era, either being crushed or dragged and beaten, it was too embarrassing.

LPL has the most teams and the highest intensity of competition. It stands to reason that we should be the region with the most work and the deepest hero pool. Why do we have only a few heroes in the middle and bottom lanes, especially the bottom lane? It has repeatedly become a breakthrough. Maybe after Uzi retires, no one really gives strength to the next road.