JDG vs T1, who will carry JDG forward? Netizens ridiculed: Looking forward to first-hand metaphysics!

In the quarter-finals of the League of Legends S12 global finals, the LPL division played a good hand to a pulp. The situation of our division in the semi-finals of this World Championship has become subtle again – exactly the same as the semi-finals of S11, there are three LCK teams, and one LPL team is besieged.

In the empty window period before the semi-finals have yet to start, the king has reviewed with you how TES, RNG and EDG failed, and also talked with you. This season, LCK is the third time that the three teams have gathered in the semi-finals. The second three-team encirclement and suppression of LPL. There are still two days before the semi-finals. From now on, let’s forget about TES, RNG and EDG for a while and focus on JDG.

After all, there is only JDG left in LPL. This year’s JDG is exactly the same as last year’s EDG, carrying the last hope and glory of LPL. Frankly speaking, the embarrassing king personally hopes that JDG can reproduce the miracle of EDG last year.

So in the game between JDG and T1, where are the winners and losers? Who will carry JDG forward? Let’s have a chat. The old rules, the following words are the personal thoughts of the embarrassing king, welcome to discuss, and refuse to spray for no reason!

Who will carry JDG forward, can JDG become the last glory of LPL?

As the No. 1 seed of the LPL in the S12 season, JDG had a poor popularity and traffic before the game. In TES, RNG and EDG used various ways to play themselves off. Only JDG is left in the LPL division, supporting the glory of the division alone. It is a pity that even so, in the domestic LPL e-sports circle, the discussion of JDG is extremely low. Players who don’t know, think that LPL has been wiped out, and JDG is not an LPL team.

Frankly speaking, TES is responsible for the reason why the LPL division has been completed in such a ghostly manner. If they were in Group C, they didn’t play off, and they didn’t lose to Vietnam GAM, the LPL division wouldn’t be so passive. After all, it is normal for RNG as LPL No. 4 to lose LCK No. 2; EDG, as LPL No. 3 seed, loses LCK No. 4 is an acceptable fluctuation; but LPL’s No. 2 seed loses to the wild card and is eliminated, this is what everyone accepts No. This change in TES has led to a passive situation in the LPL division in the subsequent quarter-finals.

Speaking of JDG, the JD.com team is actually quite strange. They have always given the impression to LPL players that they are a wild-core offensive team around the jungler Kanavi. However, in the S12 season, the domestic offensive top laner 369 was introduced, HOPE trained by the EDG discipline system, and the former WE team leader Missing. The JDG team has undergone tremendous changes – no longer blindly pursuing wild-core gameplay, but switching to top-ranking C, mid-laners can get to the bottom, bottom lanes can be stable, and even suppressive playstyles can be produced. .

Since the summer split, JDG has become more and more proficient in playing after experiencing the run-in in the spring split. It seems to be reckless in the game, but in fact it is reckless at the same time, and it also means a bit of operation, not just a team that only uses brute force. Such a change has given core player Kanavi more routes for brushing wilds and ganks. For such JDG, the embarrassing king summed up in one sentence: Shunfeng Kanavi, Headwind 369, Desperate Cream, Dinghaishenzhen Hope and Missing!

As for T1, I believe that the friends who are familiar with the League of Legends e-sports circle are familiar with it, Faker and his “little teammates”. T1, an old and new team, has brought huge surprises to players around the world – Faker is as stable as an old dog (a compliment), the future of top laner Zeus has arrived, and the hero pool of Oner, Gumayusi and Keria is unfathomable (remember When T1 played RNG, did you use 14 different heroes?)

Therefore, to sum up the above, the embarrassing king believes that the winner of JDG and T1 is still in the two positions of Ueno and wild. In terms of the rhythm of the game, JDG is stronger in the early stage, but the T1 line is more stable. And more importantly, the hero pools and training groups of the two teams are more in line with this version. But from the current performance, T1 is more comprehensive, and there may be unexpected BPs (I still can’t forget the BPs when T1 played RNG). To sum up, JDG and T1, who have entered the semi-finals, are close to each other in strength, and there is a high probability that they will be full of BO5. The embarrassing king personally feels that this BO5 may become another classic BO5 after Samsung and DK in this World Championship.

In the end, the embarrassing king waved the flag for JDG and looked forward to metaphysics: S8 season, RNG No. 1 seed, LPL first champion; S9 season, RNG No. 2 seed, LPL second champion; S10 season, RNG did not enter the World Championship , LPL missed the championship; in the S11 season, the third seed of RNG, the LPL won the third championship; in the S12 season, the fourth seed of RNG, then how many championships will the LPL win?