JDG’s semi-final, explained by Uzi! S12 top four commentary confirmed, two professional players sit

Hello to all LPL viewers and League of Legends summoners, this is the world of games.

The S12 global finals have the last three BO5 games left. For LPL viewers, the most important thing is the semi-final on the morning of the 30th, because only the remaining LPL team JDG will challenge T1. This game The result will determine whether the LPL team will appear in the final final, or whether it will dream back to the LPL Dark Ages again and carry out the LCK civil war.

A good game needs a good commentary and collocation. Today, the second-channel high-energy viewing team officially announced the second-channel commentary list.

JDG’s game, Uzi will explain

JDG’s game, Uzi will explain

In the last round of the quarter-finals, Bin was partnered with DYS’ Xiaoxiao Sika to explain the EDG game. This can be said to be the strongest commentary lineup in the knockout round. At that time, some viewers predicted that the next top four In the match, Uzi is likely to play, and it turned out to be the case.

The announced list of commentators is a dual professional player + Deyun Se Xiaoxiao, one of which is Uzi and the other is Crisp.

That is to say, this time, a double-guest commentary method was adopted, which surprised the audience. Normally, the most luxurious commentary partner of the second route should be Xiaoxiao Sika plus a guest.

The commentary combination that the audience is most looking forward to is Xiaoxiao Sika and Uzi, and now it has become Crisp Xiaoxiao Uzi. In other words, Sika has become the biggest victim. The latest news released by Sika said that he only knew that he was killed. A little aggrieved.

This is also the case normally, because it may be the last BO5 in the LPL division, so Sika definitely wants to explain it. It’s a pity that I couldn’t explain it. I can only hope that JDG can kill T1 and enter the finals, etc. The final is explained again.

Explaining the effect of the program, Uzi is the key

Explaining the effect of the program, Uzi is the key

Normally, if there is Xiaoxiao or Sika on the second road, the commentary effect will definitely not be bad. The two old oilers are very terrifying, but if there is only one Xiaoxiao, the effect of the show may not be good. It will be a little bit, and the key point here is to see Uzi, because Uzi actually often explains the game alone in the second channel.

The effect of Uzi’s commentary on the game in the live broadcast room is actually very good. It belongs to the type of passionate, hypoxic and roaring commentary style. After watching the exciting game, he often loses control and causes his throat to become hoarse.

Uzi’s ability to analyze the game is also very strong. The key is that he has to let go on the commentary stage. As long as he can let go, everything can be said. If he can have a certain chemical reaction with Xiaoxiao, it will be the best. It is expected that his commentary should be less talkative and calm analysis type.

In short, Crisp is in charge of calm analysis, and then laughs and Uzi is in charge of passionate commentary and it’s over.

As for why not to send Sika, I personally think it may be that JDG is more difficult, so I sent two guests at one time, and in the end I could only suffer from Sika.

All the way to explain the LPL, under great threat

All the way to explain the LPL, under great threat

With such a strong caster lineup from No. 2, many viewers expressed that the pressure of No. 1 was a lot. Personally, I think that if a professional player is not invited, it will be difficult to compete with No. 2. If the invited professional Not if the player popularity is not that high.

Here, if you want to avoid being shunted by the second channel, my personal suggestion is to invite Doinb or the factory manager. These two people have the ability to compete with the second channel, especially the factory manager, but everyone knows that the factory manager is almost impossible. He will come to explain, he doesn’t even live broadcast, and he has basically stayed away from the e-sports circle. In contrast, Doinb is still a bit possible.

Except for Doinb, it can only be similar to The Shy, Rookie, these two seem unlikely, I don’t know whether the two of them are in Korea or China.

As for the official commentary, it’s best to have a partner like Guan Zeyuan and Miller, and the others who encounter this kind of second way are basically free.

As for the commentator of the other LCK civil war, it has not been announced yet. You can wait for the news. In the end, I hope that JDG can show a good state in the game the day after tomorrow and strive to defeat T1.