JDG regretted to stop in the semi-finals, and the four JDG players refreshed the best results in the world championship

On October 30, Beijing time, the League of Legends 2022 Global Finals semi-final T1 played against JDG.

After JDG passed the next round first, T1 made a breakthrough from JDG’s bottom lane for three consecutive rounds, defeated JDG in three consecutive rounds, and finally advanced 3-1 to the S12 finals.

As the last “hope” of the LPL, JDG is also the No. 1 seed of the LPL. From the group stage to the semi-finals, JDG has shown a crushing posture. Whether it is facing DK or RGE, JDG is very easy. beat.

In the semi-finals, although JDG took the lead in winning the first game, in the face of the follow-up T1 bot lane, JDG was still behind and eventually lost to T1.

Although unfortunately lost the game in the end, the JDG team broke its best result in the global finals.

At the same time, the five players in the team, 369, Kanavi, Yagao, Hope, and Missing, all achieved the best results in their careers and reached the top four in the global finals.

369 followed TES to the semi-finals in S10, while Kanavi and Yagao stopped in the semi-finals in S10, and Hope and Missing made their first trip to the World Championship.