JDG regretted leaving, S12 is the carnival of LCK, Zhang Jiawen bluntly said that the LPL bot lane is generally weak

In the S12 semi-finals on October 30th, the LPL No. 1 seed JDG regretted leaving the field. At the same time, this also means that the LPL team was wiped out. Today’s S12 should be called the LCK carnival, no matter which team wins the championship. , but the LCK always wins. There is really no way, this year’s World Championship LPL division is very weak.

Huya anchor Zhang Jiawen said that JDG’s bot lane combination is really weak. Although JDG is a late-game team, this is not the reason why the bottom lane has always been at a disadvantage. Looking at JDG’s battle in the World Championship, the bot lane combination basically has no splash in the early laning phase. In other words, as long as JDG’s bot lane is not under pressure, it is normal. But is this situation really normal? In this battle with T1, in the fourth game, even if the bot lane got a push hero, but it was not manipulated by the opponent in the laning phase, which means that JDG’s bot lane is really weak. very weak.

Zhang Jiawen believes that, in fact, the state of LPL’s two-way road in S12 is generally weak. Especially the female police system, since the quarter-finals, the LPL team must ban almost every game, which is undoubtedly a fixed ban for themselves. You must know that many LCK teams are good at fighting the female police system, but the LPL bottom road does not know what the situation is, and has been evading the female police system. As a result, the BAN female police chose other, and the best result was only the top four. So, in your opinion, which of the four players, Viper, JKL, Gala, and Hope, played the best in this World Championship?

T1 has advanced to the finals, and the next step is to see the battle between GEN and DRX. Zhang Jiawen believes that GEN will likely advance to the finals, but when the two teams in the summer finals meet, it is unknown whether GEN can play the previous advantage. Because all T1 members are in a very hot state in the World Championship, they definitely have a chance to compete for the S12 championship, and Faker’s achievement of the quadruple crown is close at hand.

E-sports knows no borders, but Zhang Jiawen still regrets the LPL division. Many people should hope that the LPL will win the world championship again, but unfortunately there is no chance. Through this year’s World Championship, Zhang Jiawen predicted that LOL’s popularity in China will definitely decline a lot.