JDG regrets to stop in the top four! LCK netizens: Still the No. 1 seed in LPL with this strength?

On October 30th, Beijing time, the century battle between JDG and T1 in the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship has officially come to an end. In this key event that attracted the attention of players around the world, JDG team suffered a tragic counterattack by the T1 team while leading in the first game. Led by the excellent performance of the T1 bottom lane combination, JDG suffered three consecutive defeats in T1. Stop the top four. The T1 team successfully advanced to the finals and will compete with the winners of GEN and DRX for the final championship.

After this battle, it means that the four teams in the LPL division have all bid farewell to the stage of the S12 World Championship, and the best record is the semi-finals of JDG. In addition, it also means that this S12 World Championship final will be staged again after many years in the LCK division. Does it mean that the era of LCK division rule has come again?

After the JDG team stopped in the semi-finals, netizens in the LCK division exploded in an instant. While celebrating the victory of T1, they also kept mocking the JDG team. LCK netizens think that T1 is really getting stronger and stronger in the Vietnam War, and they already have a chance to win the championship. Such T1 is really unstoppable; in addition, some LCK netizens ridiculed that JDG is really too bad, and it is still the No. 1 seed of LPL at this level. Can’t even beat the second seed of LCK; JDG’s bottom lanes are all breakthroughs! Now see what they have to say!

T1 is really too strong, the more you get to the World Championship, the stronger

Faker played very stable in this BO5, this is the veteran

I want to say that according to the current state of T1, GEN is really not good to win the championship.

-Whether it’s T1, GEN, or even DRX, it doesn’t matter who wins the championship, anyway, it’s not LPL, it’s our LCK

In fact, JDG is still quite powerful, but the gap in the bottom lane is too big

-Yes, JDG’s bot lane is totally a breakthrough

The strength of JDG turned out to be the No. 1 seed of LPL, and even the No. 2 seed of LCK could not beat

-JDG is still very strong, but the bot lane is too bad

-Yes, JDG’s bot lane is criminal

Will Faker win another championship this time?

Now that the century battle between JDG and T1 in the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship has officially come to an end, I wonder what you think of this game?