JDG refuses to repeat the old way of RNG! LCK netizens: Is there a team that can pull more than T1?

On October 30th, Beijing time, the first game between JDG and T1 in the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship has officially come to an end. In this game, the T1 team played very proactively in the early stage. Driven by Faker’s rhythm, T1 established a good economic advantage. However, with the development of JDG, in the later team battle, JDG once again showed strong tenacity and successfully defeated the strong enemy T1 to win the first game.

Looking back on this game, the JDG team chose the standard late lineup of Jax, Foyego, Taliyah, Aphelios and Lulu, but T1 is a long-awaited sacrifice of Qinggangying, Wei, Galio , Lucian and Nami’s main lineup in the early and mid-term. Under the early and mid-term lineup of T1, the rhythm of Galio and Wei is particularly important. T1 aims to use Wei’s big move to lock the head and bring Galio’s big move into the game. However, in this battle, JDG did not let T1 do as he wished, and successfully defeated T1 in the later team battle.

The most controversial part of the game is that JDG once repeated the old way of RNG, giving up the operation of Dalong and choosing Fenglongfenghun. At the beginning, RNG lost the game because of this operation, and even the commentator Miller once sighed that I was familiar with this scene. But fortunately, in the end, JDG managed to stabilize.

After JDG won the first game, LCK netizens had a heated discussion on this battle on their forums. LCK netizens think that JDG is really strong and deserves to be the No. 1 seed of LPL. This strength is really not covered; I thought T1 was the most involved team in teamfights, but I didn’t expect it to be a better team than T1; I hope both sides can Playing full BO5, it’s so beautiful.

I don’t know what you think of the first game between JDG and T1?