JDG management is too professional? The game is still going on but preparing for S13 in advance, the middle and lower levels have been renewed!

This year’s global finals, the scene is somewhat similar to last year, there are three LCK teams in the top four, and only one LPL team, which also makes many netizens feel very sad. Because before the game started, our LPL team seemed to be very strong, but when the game was over, everything changed. It seems that the LPL team can only seek alternatives next year. In this year’s transfer period, we must take good care of it.

JDG management is too professional? The game is still going on but preparing for S13 in advance, the middle and lower levels have been renewed!

Of course, JDG’s game isn’t over yet, so there’s something to be said for everything. Although it is said that JDG is still playing games, the transfer period of LPL has begun to warm up recently, and JDG has not been idle, and even started to warm up some matters of his transfer period. Many netizens also praised the efficiency of the JDG team’s management. Although the game is still playing, the team’s vision is often so long-term.

According to some bloggers’ revelations, JDG has signed contracts with his mid lane and bot lane during the World Championship. That is to say, Toothpaste and Hope will stay at JDG for a year, which is very important for fans. Said, is a very good news. Toothpaste’s performance this year is quite dazzling. Although he did not win the best lineup in the regular season, he won the LPL championship and the title of FMVP in the final finals. Many netizens expressed reasonableness.

The same is true for hope. Before, many people said that he played the dishes. After viper came to EDG, hope was even more trampled by many netizens, but this year hope has also played himself. He is stable and C, yes JDG is a big guarantee in the later stage, but in the World Championship, Hope’s performance is not particularly good, so it still needs to continue to work hard.

Last year, JDG failed to pursue the left hand with the highest salary, but got the good seedling of 369!

I believe not only that, but JDG will definitely make certain adjustments in other positions. Why do you say that the management of the JDG team is very professional? Last year they had a big idea to improve the intensity of their own team. At that time, JDG was very optimistic about the left hand, and offered the highest price for the left hand, which was higher than the price offered by BLG, but it could not resist the “Shiyizui” “I will be playing with my brothers for a year”. Taken by JDG.

However, JDG still won a very important person, that is 369. Last year, 369 was not favored by many people. Although BLG made a bid, it finally gave up. JDG also chose to introduce 369. At that time, everyone may not be very good. Optimistic, after all, they were in the German Cup and lost to the anchor team, but who would have thought that JDG could become the strongest team in the LPL this year?

No matter what the final outcome is, JDG is also the only team in the LPL that has achieved results throughout the year, so in general, if they want to become stronger, they naturally need to make plans earlier. Let’s look forward to it together. , JDG’s performance in the World Championship , and look forward to what exciting news will appear in this transfer period!