“JDG fiasco T1, LPL’s dream of defending the title is broken”! Faker dreams of returning to S5, UZI: 369 is dissatisfied

Foreword: On October 30, the first semi-final of the League of Legends S12 World Championship officially kicked off, and the LPL only seedling JDG team faced the LCK Demon King T1. After T1 entered the knockout stage, they were in a runaway state, especially when little Lu Bu felt full. Compared with the MSI period, they seemed to be a different person. In the top 8, they directly sealed RNG. As the champion of the LPL Summer Championship, JDG is also highly expected by the LPL audience. Since the two teams of JDG and T1 are in very good condition, this game is also regarded as a preview of the finals, and the winning side is likely to win the championship. It’s a pity that JDG was defeated by T1 on the premise of winning 1 game first. The gap in hard power is too obvious. No matter in laning, team battle or even operation, JDG lost to T1. After JDG was eliminated, the LPL division was in This S12 World Championship is “annihilated”

JDG took the lead, but was chased by T1 for 2 games in a row

The toothpaste entered the state early in the first game, and the rhythm of the middle and wild was full. Although there were mistakes in the bottom road, the rhythm of JDG’s middle and wild was really good, and 369 was completely runaway. JDG went to the next city first. However, starting from the second game, there seems to be a gap in the hard power of the two teams. In particular, the bottom lane was continuously suppressed, and the toothpaste’s condition also declined. 369 was still very C, but T1 made it very uncomfortable for JDG to play with perfect operation. , FAKER’s various single-band steals made JDG’s position start to mess up. FAKER’s Ryze had a dream of returning to S5. In the end, T1 won 2 games in a row to get the match point first. JDG’s jungler and ADC mistakes began to increase. , on the other hand, T1 has a mutual bottom line, especially little Lu Bu who suppressed HOPE in almost every game.

In the match point round, JDG’s bottom road exploded again, and T1 highlighted a stable

At the beginning of the 4th game, JDG’s bottom road was killed again by the line. Fortunately, 369 supported the bottom road to stabilize the situation, and then the pioneer group JDG played a 2-for-3 with a small loss. The time came to 14 minutes, Keria Renata made a big move, the T1 bot lane duo was full of damage, the JDG bot lane duo sent a head, and then the middle lane JDG played 3 for 1 in the middle lane, and the situation began to be very unfavorable for JDG. , JDG’s upper and middle field is a bit blown up. In 16 minutes, Keria Renata made a perfect big move again and directly controlled 4 of them. The JDG team battle ushered in a big rout. T1 played 0 for 4. Miller also called G at this time.

In 19 minutes, Keria played the “auxiliary core” level operation again, and the T1 team battle played 0 for 4. JDG’s comeback was completely hopeless, and T1, which was slowly snowballing, was unstoppable. In the later stage, JDG did not hurt at all. T1 could even chase three JDG with one person. In the end, with their huge advantage, T1 went straight to Huanglong to end the game. In this game, they completely crushed JDG with hard power. The LPL water friends of the game will also think that JDG has lost convincingly, and the current T1 state is really good.

personal analysis summary

After the start of the S game this time, it is obvious that the state of T1 is getting better and better. The T1 in this semi-final is even more oppressive than them in the quarter-finals. Especially after watching the third game, everyone can feel it. JDG is already very difficult, the laning phase is suppressed, the operation can’t play T1, and even the teamfighting ability that JDG is proud of can’t compare to T1. After hitting the back, JDG’s mentality has been affected, except for 369 Other players have more or less problems.

UZI also bluntly said that from 369’s expression, it can be seen that he is dissatisfied. After the exit of JDG, the dream of defending the S championship in the LPL division was completely shattered. The overall performance of the LCK division really exceeded the expectations of many people, especially T1 fully revealed the championship, especially FAKER seems to have returned to the peak of S5 State, the veteran is still young. So the final question is, do you think T1 is expected to win the S12 World Championship?