JDG against T1 in the second game: Ryze steals the dragon to turn the situation around! T1 regained a victory

On October 30, 2022, Beijing time, the S12 global finals ushered in the Bo5 showdown between JDG and T1 in the quarter-finals! The following is the battle report of the second round of Bo5!

BP of both parties

T1: Yone, Poppy, Ryze, Lucian, Nami

JDG: Thing, Belvis, Silas, Aphelios, Lulu

Not long after the game started, a 2V2 team battle broke out on the duo road. Hope took the lead in “killing” Lucian who lost Gumayusi, and then Hope’s Aphelios was successfully “killed” by Keria, and the two sides played 1 for 1. Subsequently, JDG caught Faker’s opportunity in the middle. But unfortunately, Oner’s timely support did not allow Faker to be “killed”, and Faker, who fled deep into the JDG wild area, successfully sent the tower.

About 7 minutes into the game time, JDG found an opportunity to take Xiaolong. However, Oner, who came later, successfully grabbed Xiaolong, and was successfully “killed” by JDG.

About 11 minutes into the game, T1 and JDG’s Ueno broke out in a 2V2 team battle in the bottom lane. Zeus first successfully “killed” the Thing who dropped 369, and then with Poppy’s control, Zeus’s operation was full and “killed”. Toothpaste came to support. However, JDG immediately fought back in the top lane and successfully killed Faker’s Ryze. Immediately afterwards, JDG caught the opportunity of Zeus in the bottom lane, and JDG got the leader. However, just after Zeus was “killed”, Hope was caught by T1 again, and the two sides were very fierce.

About 21 minutes into the game, 369’s Stoneman was caught by T1 and was successfully “killed”, but then the very aggressive Gumayusi was caught by JDG, and the two sides played 1 for 1.

About 23 minutes into the game, T1 successfully stole the big dragon with Faker Ryze’s big move. Although JDG seized the opportunity in the middle and “killed” Gumayusi, T1 used the big dragon to break the highland crystal of JDG on the road.

26 minutes into the game, T1 seized the opportunity again. First, Gumayusi successfully “killed” Aphelios who lost Hope, and T1 successfully broke the high ground in the middle of JDG. Then near the second tower in the bottom road, T1 successfully “killed” JDG’s middle assistant. The top and middle highland crystals were broken, and JDG officially fell into a relatively big disadvantage.

About 30 minutes into the game time, JDG caught the opportunity of Zeus Yongen’s single belt on the top road and successfully “killed” him. But then, in a wave of team battles in the bottom lane, JDG was pulled by T1, and T1 played a 1-for-3 team battle. And just when T1 wanted a wave with the advantage of the number of people, the resurrection of the crystal in the middle made this game suspense again, and JDG successfully defended this wave of team battles, and Hope successfully “killed” Zeus’s Yone.

In about 32 minutes, although JDG successfully caught Faker in the top lane, he still couldn’t compete with T1 in the front. In the end, T1 successfully won the 4V5 team battle and took away JDG in one wave. Won the victory of the second game and pulled back a city!