Japanese media: China has been surrounded by 6 possible wars, and the Taiwan Strait war may not be the first to break out

As one of the most influential countries in the world, China plays an important role in international affairs. However, as China rises, it also faces a series of challenges and controversies. Recently, some media have claimed that once a war breaks out in the future, China may be surrounded by six wars. As soon as the report came out, it immediately attracted widespread attention. This article will objectively analyze these reports and discuss the challenges China faces and its countermeasures in light of the current international military situation.

First of all, regarding the statement that China is surrounded by six possible wars, it should be noted that this is a report from the Japanese media, so we should treat it with caution. Although China, as one of the most influential countries in the world, plays an important role in regional affairs, it is not accurate to describe it as surrounded by war. China does have some potential conflicts and disputes, such as the Taiwan Strait, territorial disputes in the South China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands dispute in the East China Sea, the Sino-Indian border issue, the Russian Far East issue, and the Korean Peninsula crisis, but this does not mean that these issues will all turn into wars. The best way to solve these problems is to maintain regional peace and stability through dialogue, negotiation and diplomatic means.

When dealing with these potential conflicts and disputes, China needs to maintain strategic focus and focus on improving its international voice and winning more international support and recognition. China has clearly expressed its stance on peaceful development and maintenance of security and stability as part of its development strategy. Such a stable foreign policy will help China win the respect and support of the international community, thereby promoting regional peace and prosperity. In the future, China’s first war may not be the Taiwan Strait, but the Diaoyu Islands. In recent years, Japan has repeatedly tried to provoke disputes on the Diaoyu Islands issue in our country. This place may be the first to break out of war.

Regarding the Taiwan Island issue, China has always regarded it as its own internal affairs and stressed that other countries have no right to interfere. China maintains its own interests by maintaining high-pressure deterrence against Taiwan and taking gradual actions such as “sausage cutting” when necessary. However, China is not in a hurry to take military action, but prefers to maintain the overall situation of peaceful and stable development. This is in line with China’s development strategy, while also helping to prevent conflicts with external meddling forces, such as the presence of Western countries led by the United States in the region.

Potential conflicts and disputes that China may currently face

1. The crisis in the Taiwan Strait: The Taiwan issue is one of China’s core interests, and China firmly advocates safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, a potential conflict has emerged over Taiwan that needs to be resolved through peaceful means.

2. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea: China has territorial disputes with neighboring countries in the South China Sea. This is a complex issue involving multiple factors such as territory, resources, and ethnicity. China should resolve disputes through peaceful means and maintain regional stability through dialogue and negotiation with relevant countries.

3. The Diaoyu Islands dispute in the East China Sea: The long-standing sovereignty dispute between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea is a sensitive issue in Sino-Japanese relations. Both sides should exercise restraint and calmness, and resolve disputes through dialogue and diplomatic means.

4. The Sino-Indian border issue: The Sino-Indian border dispute is a long-standing issue, and there are territorial disputes and border conflicts between the two countries. The two sides should resolve disputes peacefully through dialogue and consultation and maintain regional stability.

5. Russia’s Far East issue: China and Russia have some territorial disputes and border issues in the Far East. Promoting the development of bilateral relations through friendly cooperation and bilateral dialogue will help resolve these issues.

6. The crisis on the Korean peninsula: The situation on the Korean peninsula has always attracted much attention, and China, as an important neighbor of North Korea, plays an important role. China should continue to play a constructive role to promote the denuclearization process of the peninsula through dialogue and consultation, and maintain regional peace and stability.

China’s possible countermeasures

1. Maintain strategic determination: China should maintain strategic determination to deal with these potential conflicts and disputes, and adhere to the principle of peaceful resolution of issues in order to maintain regional stability and security.

2. Improve international discourse power: China should strive to improve its international discourse power, make its own voice heard in international affairs, and gain more international support and recognition.

3. Settle disputes through peaceful means: China should insist on settling disputes peacefully, through dialogue and negotiation, and avoid military conflicts in order to maintain regional peace and stability.

4. Strengthen international cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results: China should strengthen economic and trade exchanges with other countries and regions, promote common prosperity in the region, and build a harmonious and stable international environment through mutually beneficial cooperation.

5. Adhere to the concept of peaceful development: China should always adhere to the concept of peaceful development and maintenance of security and stability in the process of solving problems, and promote the process of global peace and development.


As an important player in international affairs, China faces a series of potential conflicts and disputes. However, China can effectively deal with the current international military situation by insisting on solving problems peacefully, maintaining strategic focus, enhancing international discourse power, and strengthening international cooperation. At the same time, resolving disputes through peaceful, stable and cooperative means is not only conducive to the development and prosperity of China, but also conducive to regional peace and stability. In the final analysis, only under the sunshine of peace can countries achieve common development and prosperity.