Japanese gods are in your aesthetic point? Check out these awesome ceiling faces

When it comes to Japanese beauty, who do you think of? In fact, hearing this question does make people hesitate for half a minute. In the public impression, Japan has hardly ever produced a face that can shock the whole of Asia in the 21st century, and is so beautiful that the people of several countries are convinced.

Because the Japanese aesthetic in the 21st century is sweet and restrained, Yui Aragaki, Satomi Ishihara, Asuka Fujizhai, and Kanna Hashimoto are all gentle and pleasing faces . Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Sugata Masaki, etc. also coexist with abstinence and gentle temperament.

However, their youthful aesthetic about the clean campus has never changed, and looks like Lin Qiandu and Takizawa Xiuming also have a fan base.

In the era of economic balance, we always love to show some mild and comfortable faces. Maybe when the material reaches a certain state of satisfaction, people also prefer to pursue the things that are scarce and loved at the spiritual level. Just like when many people reach a certain age, the scope of finding objects will be very wide, and the appearance is no longer so important. The trait of gentleness has become extremely desirable. The so-called truly gentle people will shine.

The aesthetics of the 21st century are diverse and gentle, but at the end of the 20th century, Japan really had many historically beautiful people. Each has its own beauty, each has its own wonderful. See which kind of look is your aesthetic point.


Neutral look ceiling face

HYDE, Baojing Hideto. This kind of detailed and three-dimensional facial features completely departs from the outline of the Japanese native bones. Is he a mixed race? No, it’s an authentic Japanese handsome man.

Born in 1969, his parents run a Japanese-style bar. Because of his soft personality and crying since childhood, his father also sent HYDE to learn boxing, but he loved painting since he was a child, and even thought about becoming a painter. This face has the soft and charming temperament of a neutral face, and it also has the kind of sickly undertone of delicate and crying.

HYDE later gave up the dream of painting due to slight color blindness, and began to grow long hair in high school to get in touch with music. I don’t know if you have such observations. Aquarius people usually have a more sensitive and delicate personality, and people with fragile personalities are very talented and infectious in music creation. HYDE is also an Aquarius, and later served as the lead singer of the Japanese Rainbow Music Group.

People with strong Aquarius attributes not only have first-class thoughts and expressions, but also have a more independent and imaginative personality. Looking at HYDE’s makeup and hair during the music period, long-haired women’s clothing, braided hair or geisha makeup, and even short hair in a very young age, he controls it very well.

There are also many male stars who will dress up as women and endorse women’s products . Uncle Oxy believes that a neutral and delicate face like HYDE is more suitable for interpreting gender without borders and beauty without borders, because his beauty is not only the face, but also the depth. Deep character and behavior imprint. Do whatever you want and be passionate about what you love. This innocent heart is very vivid no matter which gender role you play.

Lin Jiashu’s face is indispensable for a neutral-looking ceiling. He has a wonderful similarity with HYDE. The eyebrows and eyes are three-dimensional and delicate, and the outline is powerful and charming. It is a rare Japanese-style appearance that is charming and aggressive. However, HYDE’s face is stunning and cannot be ignored at first glance. His face is gorgeous and seductive, with a vague sexual charm.

Born in 1965, Lin Jiashu has been obsessed with music since childhood and has released many singles and held concerts in his life. Different from HYDE’s imaginativeness on the stage, Lin Jiashu’s temperament is more rock-and-roll and powerful, and also has a sense of unruly.

Kimura Takuya, who was born in 1972, is younger and more cheerful than the previous two seniors. The eyebrows and eye structures are not particularly strong, and the shape of the maxillofacial and lips are also more heroic.

Kimura’s short-haired men’s outfit has a very rare sense of sunshine idol, the most eye-catching star in the crowd, where he appears has a spotlight effect. Some people use pomp to support the superstar atmosphere, he is born with superstar style.

The faces of HYDE and Lin Jiashu are directly “hermaphrodite”, and the difference is quite subtle, but Kimura Takuya’s face can interpret these two personalities separately. In men’s clothing, there is an idol’s most handsome heroic spirit, and in women’s clothing, it is juvenile and advanced. coquettish. He is him, the young man whose every frown and smile is like a star.

Born in 1984, Ikuta Tou really has a more masculine and neutral face, with ambiguous eyebrows and eyes, but his facial features and outlines are more masculine and powerful. Personally, I think his version of “The Tale of Genji” is more in line with the original, and the role of “Disqualification in the World” is also very suitable for him.

Genji is the male protagonist in the novel “The Tale of Genji” by Murasaki Shikibu. He was the son of Emperor Tonghu and Yichangyi. Because the Yuan clan did not have a strong foreign relative as a backer, and it was difficult to gain a foothold in the palace and the prediction of the physiognomist, Emperor Tonghu had to demote him to the status of a minister and gave him the surname Yuan clan. The ups and downs of his life made Genji think more and sensitive since he was a child, and his nature is weak. Moreover, the book also depicts Genji as beautiful and astonishing, and he looks like the sun and the moon . Not only that, Genji is also talented and romantic, and has been favored by many women in his life.

Therefore, the light source’s appearance should be handsome and gloomy and charming, and Ikuta Touzhen is especially suitable for this kind of role. Tianhai Yuxi’s version is too decisive and sharp.

The handsome man with the brilliance of the century

After the neutral look, there were also handsome men in the school department who could withstand the scrutiny of the times in Japan in the 20th century. The facial features are heroic, the contours are young, and the eyes are soft. Who wouldn’t want to have such a tablemate in their campus memory?

In 1993, at the age of 16, Takashi Kashiwahara was still in his second year of high school, because an acquaintance sent his photo to participate in the sixth “JunonsuperBoy” selection contest hosted by “Junon” magazine. He did not intend to participate in the competition at first, so he went to participate in the competition with the help of family and friends. In the end, he won the championship in one fell swoop, thus embarking on the road of acting.

Bai Yuan Chong has many classic works, I think he is the best candidate for all Japanese-style pure love roles, such a clean and bright young man, who is not a surprise and a gift to appear in his youth? Maybe it’s because his face and temperament are too dominant, most of the roles he takes are slightly tragic, love but can’t, wait to no avail.

The incomplete ending brings the beauty of the face to the limit, and also makes the character’s filter unusually poetic. He does not overuse his beauty, and the blank restraint is just right, which makes people feel unbearable.

Takashi Kashiwahara is the white moonlight in everyone’s youthful memories, while Yuxiang Nakajima is like the cinnabar mole. Correct young facial features, neither young nor mature, a perfect lover with the attributes of a little wolf dog.

Yuxiang Nakajima looks a bit like Zhou Yumin from some angles, and the two have similar eyebrows. It’s just that Zhou Yumin’s facial features are more melancholy, like a dandy but very affectionate urban boy. Nakajima’s appearance is more decent and sunny, and there is something firm in his eyes, as if a Mr Right who believes that you will overcome all difficulties and come to you~

Why can they become the handsome men at the end of the century? The outline is sharp and heroic, and the facial features are three-dimensional and delicate without losing the masculine clarity. Everyone is also very personal, and their words and deeds make people unable to take their eyes off.

Secondly, their temperament is also diverse and casual. The top three are typical of Japanese rock and roll, warm and charming with Japanese style; Kimura is a star-like youth who rushed out of the water and bathed in the sun. The latter two beautiful young men who are as gentle as jade, melancholy and firm, just like the cherry blossoms flying all over the sky in the best years, so gorgeous and irreplaceable.

After reading the male looks in the 20th century, let’s look at the female look.


Pearl Tears of the Century

Dashi Hui and HYDE are really a match made in heaven. In terms of appearance, one is as delicate as jade, and the other is gentle and soft. Compared with contemporary Japanese female stars, Dashi Huimei is like a quietly blooming rose, and her profile face is somewhat similar to Gao Yuanyuan. The two gods have a son, but they have been very well protected. It is rumored that a friend said: their child is a beautiful existence that cannot be ignored at first sight.

Dashi Hui’s beauty is restrained and quiet, Ozawa Zhenzhu’s beauty is escaping and domineering, all the female secondaries who love the strong but hard, bring her face into a little cute. It is very domineering, and it is more uncomfortable to love to fight for love.

Some people say that they think Wang Sicong’s predecessors, Doudeer + Yang Chaoyue, are somewhat similar to her. Doudeer’s face is too childish, and the lower half of his face is a little smug, but his eyebrows and eyes are not as intelligent as Ozawa Zhenzhu.

I think Yang Chaoyue is similar to her. I think the proportions of eyebrows, eyes and lips are more similar. It’s just that Ozawa Zhenzhu’s outline is more grand and stretched, and there is a sense of pouting visually, but the overall atmosphere is still that strong and unyielding atmosphere. . Because of the ratio of facial features, Yang Chaoyue looked a little dumb when he had no expression.

Although the flowering period of Ze Zhenzhu is short, the times are more beautiful because of her pearl.

Tears like pearls are naturally indispensable to Akina Nakamori, she is the “tears” that anyone who sees them will pity them. The small outline, the sad and beautiful facial features, the glance and throbbing between the eyebrows, the fragile and alienated and very beautiful.

Akina Nakamori’s face is not always fragile, but as clear, clean and fragile as tears. With a slender skeleton, thin and white skin, as long as she stands there, she has an atmosphere out of the whole noisy environment, and the thorough beauty makes people fall in love.

She is like the tears of a mermaid, with the light of pearls, the clarity of water droplets, and the bitter taste of love and hatred.

The ambiguous red lips of the times

Fragile items are not the only ones that are precious. The faces of the 20th century that look like freshly bloomed flowers are also beautiful. Miyazawa Rie is as smart and innocent as a deer.

She has a pure emotion that is rooted in the earth, even if it is earthy clothes, she can wear youthful and wanton clothes. A wonderful chemical reaction under the combination of a youthful and delicate face + a vibrant body.

The first is cherry pink lips, and Yuko Furutekawa has a rich red and ambiguous lips. The eyebrows and eyes are delicately structured, and there is a sense of watery expectation between the emotions; the red lips are subtle, sexy but restrained and gentle.

The beauty of Yuko Furutekawa is the beauty of a lover whose lips are raised at the corners of her mouth, and her smiling eyes are full of fluffy light.

Maybe the above two are not ambiguous enough, but Higuchi Ke Nanko’s face is enough to be called the ambiguous red lips of the times. The facial features are stretched but have their own sense of desire, and the eyebrows and eyes are soft but extremely enchanting.

Furukawa Yuko is a juvenile lover who can think openly, and Higuchi Konanko is more like a secret lover who can only miss secretly in the middle of the night when no one is around.

Shinoyama Jixin is very good at photographing girls, and the girls under the camera are vivid and intriguing, fluttering with the desire of girls like clouds.

But the Higuchi Kenanko under his lens is very sexy as an oriental woman, lazy and soft, secretly surging with sexual tension. Higuchi Konanko’s photobook has also become a classic by Shinoyama Kishin, and has since opened the door to the taboo of female desire photography.

Why are the faces of the 20th century so tense and recognizable? In addition to the superiority of bone and skin, their overall atmosphere is the best solution of pure and charming. Unlike the completely young cuteness now, there is really a woman’s beauty and tenderness. And the beauties of this period all have a pair of melancholy and affectionate eyes, and everyone’s eyes shine with the light of the best era.