Japanese actresses can’t be saved either. The fantasy of eating chicken will get cold after a year. Players complain that they should not be made into mobile games.

Hello everyone, this is Zhengjing game, I’m Zhengjing little brother.

Games produced by big IP companies, with a little advertising, as long as the scene is not dead, you can easily lay down and earn, such as the Swordsman series of Xishanju, and the fantasy series of NetEase. However, this trick is not always effective. For example, SE has smashed the signboard of Final Fantasy, and the mobile games of related IPs will be out of service after only one year.

SE announced that its chicken-eating mobile game “Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier” (hereinafter referred to as Chicken-eating Fantasy) will be discontinued on January 11, 2023. The official reason for the outage is that it cannot continue to provide services that satisfy players.

Chicken Eating Fantasy is a chicken-eating game with the world background of “Final Fantasy 7”. Players will play a candidate soldier trained in Shinra Corporation and use various weapons to fight.

Chicken Eating Fantasy was launched on November 17th last year, which means that the game has only survived for more than a year before becoming cold. It is no wonder that some domestic netizens said with emotion that it seemed as if they heard the news of the game yesterday, but they didn’t expect the second It’s cold the next time we meet.

At that time, when the game was announced, the popularity was still good. The number of reservations reached 500,000 in a few days. SE also hired the popular Japanese actress Minami Hamabe to shoot a promotional video.

Are many players sad about the outage of this game? They complained about SE’s greed and mercenary, which led to the loss of gamers and eventually killed the game.

There are still many players who feel that it is not the game that is not good, but that SE has made a mistake in the platform, and many low-end and medium-end mobile phones simply cannot run this game well. Players all feel that the chicken-eating fantasy would be much better if they built an emulator and landed on the PC platform, or directly listed on other host platforms.

Indeed, shooting games have always been the weak point of mobile games. Compared with the operation of other types of games on mobile phones, it is very awkward to play shooting games unless other peripherals are used.

SE will make such a chicken-eating mobile game, which should be aimed at the popularity of chicken-eating and the huge number of users in the mobile game market.

It’s a pity that eating chicken is no longer the limelight, and although the mobile game market is huge, not all manufacturers can play it. It requires rich experience in optimization and configuration, otherwise the game will be a torture to play.

Therefore, some domestic melon eaters suggested that SE sell IP and let Tencent and NetEase do it. Indeed, when it comes to making mobile games, domestic manufacturers are quite skilled.

Little Brother Green: Although this fantasy of eating chicken is cold, SE should also come up with new content to bring Final Fantasy to the mobile terminal. Because compared to developing 3A masterpieces to serve hard-core players, it is faster to use a small amount of money to make a mobile game to “cheat” small white players for money.

A real question: what kind of Final Fantasy game would you like to play on your phone?