Japan’s Nagano shooting, suspect’s motive exposed

This article is transferred from [澎湃新闻];

The Paper reporter Nan Boyi

On May 26, four people, including a policeman and a female resident in Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, were killed. The suspect Aoki Masanori, who was arrested on suspicion of murder, confessed: “I thought the victim woman spoke ill of me, so I killed her. I I thought I was going to be shot, so I killed the police too.”

Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on the 26th that Aoki Zhengxian is 31 years old and is engaged in agricultural work. The search headquarters of the Nakano Police Station in Nagano Prefecture will investigate in detail the relationship between Aoki and the two female victims and the motive for committing the crime. Aoki admitted that “the shooting is true”. On the same day, the search headquarters conducted an on-site inspection of Aoki’s residence and other places.

The two dead women lived near Aoki’s residence. Witnesses to one of the women who were attacked reported to 110 that “a man stabbed a woman with a military dagger with a blade about 30 centimeters long.”

The remains of the two people both had stab wounds, and they may have been stabbed multiple times with knives. The search headquarters will conduct a judicial autopsy to determine the cause of death.

According to the search headquarters, Aoki obtained a license to possess a total of four guns, including shotguns and air guns, from the County Public Security Commission. These guns were obtained and renewed in his own name after 2015.