James reviews the Cavaliers lineup and wants to return? The knights don’t seem to need him

  Everyone expected James to return to Cleveland to break Karl Malone’s record again, but he surpassed his predecessors in Washington last game, and this time back in Cleveland, James is already the second scoring champion in history.

  Although there is no script for the coronation at the Cavaliers’ home court, the match between the Cavaliers and James is still full of topics.

  Whenever James returns to the land wearing a different color jersey, everyone will speculate – will he still play in a Cavaliers jersey again?

  For James, he will never let go of the opportunity to create a topic. When the Lakers are precarious and troubled this season, the rumors of James entering the palace three times have never stopped.

  Because we all know that James will only make the best choice for himself, and the declining Lakers are obviously not the place James wants to live.

  The 37-year-old James has already made a name for himself. He is already a superstar remembered by basketball history, but there is still an insurmountable mountain in front of him.

  At the end of his career, he must be as close as possible to the achievements of his predecessors, or even surpass him, so he still needs more honors and data at this time, and all of this is inseparable from a competitive team .

  In the old and weak Lakers, it is difficult for James to hit the championship again. He can only make his data as good as possible when the team is losing.

  But the points you get from losing are always close to meaning, and a shrewd person like James is bound to be unwilling to put it into practice. Therefore, he still wants to play in a more competitive team, otherwise he will not always release news, and he will have to consider where to play next.

  James used to ignore the Cavaliers, but now he has grown into a better youth army than the Lakers. At this time, James has a good reason to throw an olive branch to the Cavaliers again. It is difficult for the All-Star selection to win Garland and Allen this year.

  And this game against Cleveland is undoubtedly an opportunity for the emperor to review the troops.

  Although the old king’s new partner lost the game, the more important thing is that this team has more possibilities than the Lakers. Look at Garland’s consecutive unreasonable mid-range shots against Westbrook in the game. The ingenious assists sent are involuntarily admirable.

  There is also Mobley, who is known as the next Anthony Davis, who continuously presses the Lakers’ weak interior at both ends of the offense and defense. It’s hard not to fall for these young talents.

  Garland sent 17 assists but only 1 turnover, and also had 29 points of super firepower. James looked at such a scene, it seems hard not to imagine something?

  For example, how will these young people grow up next year? If I join forces with them, will I be able to hit my fifth crown?

  Better than fighting alone with the Lakers, right?

  When James’ contract expires next year, returning to the Cavaliers is a win-win option for him.

  On the one hand, returning to the Cavaliers’ three-entry palace can bring James a script with great room to play. It has always been a favorite thing for a wanderer to return home.

  Not to mention the story of a superstar returning to the place where his dreams began after taking home all the accolades (even he might be the all-time leading scorer next season), and that’s exactly what James wanted.

  On the other hand, in addition to being able to hype with the gimmick of a wanderer returning home, James can also tell a new story to fans:

  After winning all the honors that can be obtained, the old king used his residual heat to nurture his team and lead the young people to hit the highest stage in the basketball world. Isn’t this script attractive enough for fans?

  If James really leads the young Cavaliers to dominate the league, then the power of the fifth individual championship and the second championship in team history, plus the bonus of “Cleveland, This is for you!”, James’ historical position will be stable. It is not wishful thinking to sit on an equal footing with Jordan.

  However, having said that, all of this is just fan speculation. Although the narrative of the script is beautiful, no one knows what the execution will ultimately look like.

  Just like when the Lakers exchanged for Westbrook, they were all applauded, but now they have become a rat crossing the street, and everyone is shouting and beating.

  While the Cavaliers look like the perfect next stop for James, do the Cavaliers really need James back?

  Today, the young Cavaliers are thriving, and they have demonstrated to the league that with the right execution of a good team building strategy, they can rise from difficult times.

  Garland, Mobley, Oklo, who were personally selected by the Cavaliers, and Allen, who was exchanged through precise selection, have all grown into high-level players. Among them, Garland and Allen have become new All-Stars, and Mobley is also the next best player. A unicorn embryo.

  The Cavaliers were once thought to be rotten all the way without James, but this season they have shown everyone that it can actually be accomplished without James.

  This team has so much potential, it’s hard to say if the Cavs continued to do the right thing and didn’t make big mistakes, they wouldn’t make it to the Finals, and there’s even a stats site listing the odds of the Cavaliers winning the title.

  Although James is a historical superstar and has countless fetters with Cleveland, everyone knows that whenever James joins a team, the team must invest all resources, and even overdraft future potential to support James’ needs.

  This is certainly good for James, who is at the peak of his tail, but is it really good for the long-term development of the team? Maybe a question mark.

  And the current Cavaliers are in the beginning stages of their rise, so do they need an established veteran to disrupt the team’s pace?

  In 2017, Irving’s joining the young Celtics was considered to be an operation to lock the championship, but in fact, Irving disrupted the pace of the Celtics’ team building. In the past two years, nothing has been achieved, and it ended hastily.

  And James in the Lakers, except for a championship after getting Davis in 2020, the performance of the rest of the season does not seem to be very satisfactory, right?

  Therefore, James needs the Cavaliers as the perfect stage for his pre-retirement tour, but the Cavaliers don’t seem to want to agree. . . . . .


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