It turns out that Curry also likes to sing and dance? Come and watch NetEase’s “All-Star Street Ball Party”!

The recent NBA competitions are in full swing, everyone watching these international superstars must be itching to form a game! But adults always have all kinds of life events to deal with, so playing with friends has become a luxury. Although we can’t form a team offline, we still have a basketball game! The existence of the game allows us to break through the limitations of space and play a game anytime, anywhere. Although the game is good, you must learn to distinguish! There are many low-quality games with skins on the market now. If you want to choose or choose the ones produced by big manufacturers, the quality will be more assured.

For example, the “All-Star Street Ball Party” just released by NetEase Games for the first time, the quality of its display is really eye-catching. This game is authorized by the official NBA Players Association, so we can see Curry, Thompson and other internationally renowned players in their first exposure video. I have to say that this game has pinched the characteristics of these superstars in place, basically knowing who is who at a glance. Coupled with the unique style of comics without strips, it really has the kind of bloody feeling like watching Marvel comics.

Maybe everyone found out when they watched the first exposure video that they were not wearing regular football uniforms, but trendy clothes with full personality. In particular, Curry’s set of white overalls with a black inner jacket, at first glance, I thought it was the basketball elementary school student we knew well, who practiced for 2 and a half years. You can also make your own clothes in the game, whether it is tribute or original, you can even DIY your own sneakers. You must know that sneakers are the players’ armor, and your armor is made by you, so cool!

After reading the trend section, let’s take a look at the gameplay together. “All-Star Street Ball Party” is different from existing basketball games, it uses a fast-paced 11-point 3v3 confrontation game. You can control your favorite players to form a team and feel the excitement and blood of street competition. Because the overall gameplay is relatively compact, everyone can use all kinds of spare time to play a game, such as when going to the toilet, such as when fishing at work…

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