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Autumn and winter thin and tall clothes

Hey girls~ I am today’s substitute editor dada.


Entering autumn and winter, are everyone worried that heavy clothes look fat and short ? ! In fact, the outfit itself is a visual effect, we can use some visual errors to create the effect of being thinner and taller!


Like the very popular waist stitching skirt in the past two years , it uses the principle of “Rubin’s vase illusion” to achieve the effect of “small and thin waist”


Figure: google, Semir


Looking at the picture on the left, you may first see the white vase-like part in the middle, but if you look closely, you will find that the whole is two faces (black parts) facing each other . The stitched skirt around the waist will also make people focus on the middle part for the first time , and the small waist will come!


This is the magical illusion of shadow chiaroscuro . Raglan sleeves modify the broad shoulders as well.


Figure: Weibo @周宇tong’s Weibo


Today, I will give you a set, how to get the most effective autumn and winter outfits from the principle of visual difference ✌️ The small and round Jimei is especially worth seeing! Without further ado, let’s get started




The following three lines, at first glance, which one do you think is the longest?

In fact, their straight parts are the same length ! But at first glance, you will feel that C is the longest right, because it opens up and down, there is a feeling of extending to both sides , so it appears to be the longest!


 Autumn layered shirts, don’t tie all the buttons! Leave 1-2 buttons on the top and bottom, creating a feeling of opening V up and down , showing height and picking up a small man!

You can choose V-neck for thick tops . Compared with the round neck, the neck will be more slender, and the upper body will be more harmonious, especially the big fat Jimei!

Figure: Semir


When stacking, make your own “V corner” ✌️The collar of the shirt should be turned over and stacked with a V-neck vest. Coordinate the entire proportion in an instant, no matter whether the body is round or flat, small or tall , it will only look good in this way! 

Figure: pinterest, Weibo @刘文


Top: 1¥8QCEdaPgEDU¥/

Pants: 1¥q3jndaPgOx2¥/

Necklace: 1¥85H6daP6kRg¥/

Vest: 25 0(lozbdaPEK3k)/ 

Shirt: 35 0(mzHWdaPwaTY)/ 

Pants: 1¥nkgzdaPgOxe¥/



In your opinion, which of the two rectangles AB in the picture below is wider?



Actually they are the same rectangle!


The same shape looks thinner vertically than horizontally. When used in dressing, try to avoid the sense of left and right expansion and create a sense of vertical extension , which can help us avoid 90% of the minefields of autumn and winter coats!



The round-bodied sisters looked over, and the thick coat would feel like it would expand to both sides when it was buttoned up . Without buckles , it has a sense of vertical extension, and it looks even thinner !




Round body, small sisters, remember to avoid cocoon-shaped coats , and more pick-straight H-shaped.

Like the two coats below, the left is a cocoon-shaped design , and the lines extend to the left and right, creating a sense of expansion. The one on the right is a straight tube design , with neat and clean cuts, extending vertically downwards, making it look thinner and taller.


Picture: zara


The proportions are not good, especially for those who are five or five in size , the medium and long coats are taller than the short ones!




The short section on the left further cuts the figure into obvious five or five points, and also exposes the wide hips, causing the left and right to feel bloated and bloated . On the right , the vertical extension is smooth, the proportion is elongated , and the hem also covers the wide crotch, making the whole look taller .



Windbreaker: 20 0(nKecdala7kL)/

Inside: 86 0(Czvkdala9mB)/

Skirt: 1¥Al6odaPgxst¥/


Coat: 1¥Al6odaPgxst¥/

Inside: 1¥PWo2daPT9ZO¥/

Pants: 99¥ CZ3457 wVhgdal00pT¥




The red dots in the two patterns A and B below, which one is bigger? which one is smaller?



I think most of the friends will think that the red dots in picture A are bigger at first glance, but in fact , the red dots of A and B are the same size.


Using the contrast of reference objects, when the things around you are small , it will appear that you are very big . Conversely, when things around you are bulky , you will appear small . The same applies to outfits!



Jimei has a round body with wide shoulders and a big head. When choosing shirts and coats, it is right to choose a big collar !



The large collar can cover and modify the shoulder and neck line , and it also comes with a small head special effect!


Thick -legged friends, give up those wrapping pants! Loose wide-leg pants are yyds! In this way, a gap is formed at the trouser legs, which makes your legs appear thinner compared to the trouser legs , and you can easily have slender and straight legs!


 Photos : [email protected] , UNRETRO



 Vest: 1¥iq6UdaP6y5f¥/

Shirt: 1¥lPEpdaP6kAo¥/

Pants: 1¥C5s6daPTrWZ¥/

Top: 57 0(3S0gdalewU1)/ 

Pants: 1¥BdHidaPTIzu¥/




Please stare at the small squares in the two pictures below at the same time for at least 3 seconds



Have you ever noticed that when you stare at the squares for a long time, there is a feeling that the white squares expand outwards and the black squares shrink inwards ? ! This is the classic optical seepage illusion.



Please remember this simple formula: ️ The inner depth and outer shallow are the most thin.



The inner color is darker than the outer color. Because the dark color inside will attract attention, and there will be a feeling of downward extension. Created, you look only as thin as the dark part!



Jacket: 1¥fTscdaPTVfb¥/

Skirt: 1¥ZnQ6daPhgnB¥/

Inside: 08¥ CZ3457 utctdalTDIm¥


Jacket: 0(75Qndal9veu)/ 

Pants: 46 0(Lg39daliaSn)/

Inside: 37¥ CZ0001 zgczdal9yIG¥


Objects that are similar to each other, such as objects that are similar in size, color, and shape, tend to be viewed as a whole.


Each dot in the picture is equidistantly scattered in the position of the picture, but we will consciously think that the black dots are one and the white dots are one.



Applying this principle to dressing, when you wear the same color as top and bottom, will make you look taller and thinner!



You don’t need to have the same tone all over the body, it can be the same color between the patterns and accessories (such as bags and shoes).


Figure: eggka



Top: 1¥sVl6daP6Dzj¥/

Pants: 0(uCJmdalOoB5)/

 Jacket: 0(49bQdalNIqq)/ 

Skirt: 0(J8qNdalm9N9)/ 

Students: 0(SRoQdalmtvN)/


Well, today’s sharing is here. I hope everyone can get some inspiration for autumn and winter to look thinner and taller from this article ~ See you next time, bye~




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