It’s hard to believe that “earth” is the essence of this winter’s fashion!

2/3 of the time has passed in 2022, perhaps it is time for us to “say goodbye” to the Y2K millennial trend. Because the footsteps of winter is very close.

Did you observe it? Recently, many must-have items on weekdays have been painted with a layer of “earth” – from hoodies, sweaters, jeans to dresses, you can see this “earth” color matching.

Y/Project and Loro Piana cocooning series


In fact, this color matching is very friendly to our yellow skin, it will not cause too much color difference, and it will not be out of tune with the surrounding environment like the Millennium Spice Girls.

The September issue of “World Fashion Garden ELLE” also adopted the “wasteland style”

The dirty-looking “wasteland style” seems to have begun to seize the fashion “highland”.

The “Wasteland Style” in Yao Chen’s new work “Rock and Roll”

When it comes to the tone of “wasteland”, it is easy to think of khaki. In English, khaki corresponds to the word khaki, and its origin is from Persian (one from Urdu), which translates as “dust”. Is this translation very accurate?

The origin of wasteland style can be traced back to the combat trench coat more than 100 years ago. At that time, in order to facilitate the soldiers to hide in the natural environment, the original trench coats were basically designed in colors close to desert and dust.

Later, the cyberpunk and apocalyptic sci-fi aesthetics in the movie world appeared one after another, and “Wasteland Wind” was like the product of the combination of the two. Its setting background is that when the earth and the world face a crisis of resources and survival, human beings need to deal with the end times and rebuild a new order. And it is this process from destruction to reconstruction that has been introduced by a large number of games and film and television works:


“Mad Max 4”

These artistic creations often have stories and strong visual impact, so in the past two years, under the blessing of these works, the influence of “Wasteland” has soared a lot——

“Late Autumn” also set off a “windbreaker fever”

In last year’s hit film “Dune”, “Sweet Tea” and the “distilled suit” on Zendaya are standard “wasteland” outfits. Moreover, the clothing of several major families in the film also has a strong sense of technology and industry.

The “high-tech” performance and “low-life” appearance that are necessary in the standard “apocalyptic wear” are all displayed. With such care, it is no wonder that the film won the Oscar for best costume design.

In the current real world, the popularity of wasteland wind energy is more benefited from the environment. Compared with the uncertainty and changes in the larger environment, the psychological feeling brought by the earth color itself is comfortable and comfortable. At a glance, you will feel that it is a color that can make people settle down.

Loro Piana’s new cocooning collection is a comfortable home item

Women in earth tones in commercials always give people a sense of trustworthiness

As early as the 2016 autumn and winter series, Valentino, which has not been “surrounded” by PP powder, launched an earth-colored shape


This trend has also affected the Korean girl groups who have always preferred sexy styles. They also began to wear “earth” in fashion this year. In the MV of “pink venom”, the most influential BLACKPINK shows the different levels of “wasteland style”:

Ordinary girls can follow Jennie and Lisa to wear tight tops with earth-colored parachute pants; they can also imitate Jisoo and ROSÉ with earth-colored skirts, remember to add a pair of neutral boots on your feet, and you can immediately get the original “wasteland style” “It’s not as difficult to wear as I imagined.

So in this year’s show, we can also see a variety of T-stage shapes composed of earth tones. Compared with the overwhelming millennial babes before, the models with “earth” are particularly quiet.

Blumarine/Ferragamo/Ralph Lauren

When it comes to wearing on weekdays, you might as well try the following color matching templates that are easy to use. You can feel how friendly earth colors are to us ordinary people.

Safety card – earth color + black and white

It is not too difficult to match the earth tones. As long as you use neutral basic colors such as black, white and gray, you can create a look that can be worn to work on weekdays, and has a traditional and elegant atmosphere. Look at the above “pink venom” MV, it is black and white to match the earth-colored overalls.

Black, white and earth tones are typical neutral colors, which can be worn in combination without interfering with each other, and the advanced texture and restrained taste you pursue can satisfy you. It is colder and sharper with black;

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy/Phoebe Philo

The BOSS 2023 spring and summer series shows how handsome the “female warrior” in earth color + black and white is

Ms. Luo Jie also often wears it like this

And with white can effectively brighten the complexion, there is always a suitable for you.

Autumn gentle nature – earth color + earth color

Thanks to the tonality of the earth color itself, even wearing earth color from head to toe can show your generosity and gentleness. You can look through the show collocations in the last two seasons of fashion weeks. Many shows have long given easy-to-learn dressing templates.

Wearing earth tones all over the body is in line with the temperament of Orientals who do not like to be publicized, unassuming, reserved and humble.

There is also a visually similar brown, which can also be worn with earth tones. In contrast, the combination of brown and earthy colors may appear dirty and old-fashioned. It is best for beginners to start with similar colors with a reddish-brown effect.

The surprise in the plain – earth color + saturated bright color

In addition to black and white, the “wasteland style” can also be dazzling but not overly ostentatious. The method is to match a bright color item in the earth tone tone, such as red, yellow, blue and green, to add a low-key look to the look. A little surprise. Don’t worry, denim blue and burgundy are good choices.

The earth color itself is “overwhelming”, and it is not much different from our skin color, so even if you add some highly saturated color items that you usually dare not wear alone, it will not affect the texture of the overall shape.


Now that the “wasteland wind” trend has come with vigour, we might as well embrace it enthusiastically! After all, it is not only necessary for a sense of atmosphere in autumn and winter, but also a “reassuring pill”.



Source: Oriental IC, Visual China, Sina Weibo, Motion Picture from Baidu