It looks very expensive, but it is actually only 1W+! Don’t miss out on these treasures!

I don’t know if you feel this way:

After the prices of major brands continue to increase, the price of big-name bags has completely reached a new level !

I used to buy a big-name bag, which was basically 10,000+.

But in today’s bag world, if you want to buy a more mainstream big-name bag that can only be called a name, you need 2W+ casually !

Not to mention Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Delvaux, which have always had a relatively high unit price of the “lady” brands!

Whichever one comes out will have to be 3, 4W or even higher!

Once upon a time, those big-name bags at the price of 1W7 and 8 may make people feel a little expensive, but now they have become a very acceptable price for many people.

Everyone who feels that they love bags are also forced to adapt to this new market pricing .

So now on the market, are there any bags that look easy to use, have good texture, and are priced within 2W?

Of course there is!

If you have a budget of 1W+ and want to start a bag that only looks more expensive than your own price , then you must read this article today~ 


A bag I love very much – Lanvin Pencil Bag , is a representative of the bag that looks particularly “noble”~ 

Not only is it amazingly beautiful in street photography, but the texture of the real thing is also very good!

The leather is shiny and solid, and with a long, narrow and crisp box shape, it has a sense of luxury.

Not only that, the gold and silver two-color buckle in the middle of this bag is also full of details.

Not to mention super delicate, it is also Lanvin’s iconic mother-daughter logo, with a sense of storytelling, elegant and full of artistry.

To be honest, a Logo box bag like the Pencil Bag is still so big in size. If it is placed in other brands, it feels very reasonable even if the price is 3W .

But the price of Pencil Bag is just less than 2W, which is quite surprising!

Reference price: 19,700 CNY

And it is also a red envelope that Lanvin attaches great importance to. Different colors are launched every season, and there is little risk of being outdated in a short time.

The point is, the design of the Pencil Bag is indeed high-end and elegant. If you see someone carrying it on the street, you will really feel that this person is very tasteful!

This bag also comes in a smaller size, the Lanvin  155 Pencil Bag !

The reduced size is more manageable for most Asian girls, and the daily utilization rate is also higher~ The bag is not large, the capacity is not small, and it can be loaded!

Compared with the price of 20,000 faster than the original size, the price of this bag is about 1W5 , which is perfectly in line with today’s theme~

He Sui, He Chaolian, Qiao Xin, Yang Chaoyue

Reference price: 15,500 CNY


Valextra’s bag design is simple and advanced, always giving people a very expensive feeling! The signature style Iside, the price is indeed in the relatively high gear of 2~3W.

However, Valextra also has 10,000+ bags, and it really looks very advanced!

In fact, I have introduced this bag many times~ It is this fresh and simple Bucket Bag .

Such a big full leather bag is still Valextra! The design is very minimal and high-end, and I guess I might think it costs 20,000+.

As a result, this bag is only 16,000~ Really great!

It is light and can be loaded easily, easily putting down a 13-inch computer. The shoulder strap can be adjusted in length and can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, perfect for commuting!

Reference price: 16,500 CNY

In addition, Valextra’s Tric Trac also looks a lot more expensive than it actually is~ 

The three-dimensional and rounded vertical bag is like a small milk carton, full of fun and high-end sense.

Generally, the package designed in this box has a high unit price!

The way it opens and closes is unique!

You need to hold the two small ears on the front of the bag and pull them apart.

The design of origami is full of ingenuity, which also creates a unique recognition for this bag.

The design is so “complex”, it is still full leather, and it is a very expensive box bag at first glance. It is estimated that many people guess the price of this bag and think it will cost 20,000+.

But in fact, the price of Tric Trac is more than 10,000.

With a long shoulder strap design, you can switch between hand carry and shoulder back by adjusting the shoulder strap, and you can carry two completely different feelings~

Reference price: 17,500 CNY


It is estimated that everyone has also discovered that in Dior’s bag collection, the choice of 1W+ price is indeed rare.

But the 23 Cruise series has a newly launched Lady Dior drawstring handbag , which can be done by 1W3!

Don’t you think it’s surprising~

Reference price: 13,200 CNY

This bag continues Lady Dior’s iconic cannage design , and the full leather bag comes with a worthy buff!

The double-layer body structure and drawstring design give people a small and delicate feeling, cute and lovable~

Not only can it be carried by hand, but it also has a chain that can be carried over the shoulder .

The delicate golden chain is also decorated with a few baroque pearls, which is estimated to be able to poke the hearts of many girls!

And this bag looks small, but it is by no means a “small waste bag” in everyone’s mouth, and the capacity is just enough to put down a mobile phone.

In addition, there is a Lady Dior Clutch designed with the same chain , which has just been released recently, but its popularity is already quite high!

It is mainly a small handbag with a cannage design, which really looks girly and elegant!

A small one, especially extravagant as a handbag~

And this bag also has a chain to carry! Usually go shopping or go out for a meal, you can also carry it cross-body to free your hands.

As a Dior full leather bag, the price within 20,000 is really pretty good~

Reference price: 18,500 CNY


Recently I found out that Ferragamo has a very expensive bag – Trifolio Box !

Can have this kind of texture is very good effect, on the one hand it comes from its square box shape, the box bag looks not cheap~

Of course, it is also because of the three-dimensional body of this bag and the smooth and delicate cowhide material, which is very advanced at first glance!

In addition, Ferragamo’s iconic Gancini lock also played a very important role~

Especially this black and gold square box, with a slightly worn brass lock.

The just right old feeling gives this bag a nostalgic and advanced atmosphere.

In fact, I have always felt that many Ferragamo bags are priced much lower than the entire market~

Such a classic all-leather bag, I feel that it can be used for a long time without being afraid of being outdated. It must be 20,000+ in other big brands!

Reference price: 14,950 CNY

Ferragamo’s other Trifolio series of bucket bags are also very well priced!

This type of fries is quite common at first, but with the addition of the Gancini lock, it immediately becomes a lot more advanced!

This bag comes with a short adjustable shoulder strap, making it a great-looking retro-inspired underarm bag on one shoulder.

Fu Jing

Reference price: 13,950 CNY


Delvaux, a noble brand from Belgium, like the well-known Brillant, Tempête and other representative bags, the price has long been 4W+!

But if you want to buy a Delvaux bag within 2W, the Pin Mini Bucket is actually a good choice.

Reference price: 18,600 CNY

This bucket bag has a very special arc-shaped bottom , which looks simple and stylish.

The key is that the leather is really good, the bag is not big, but it is no problem to put small daily things~ Even a large smartphone can be easily installed.

It is no wonder that this bag is not low in popularity all the year round, and many people start it because they prefer the cost-effectiveness of this bag.


I found that among the many classic models in the bag industry, the snake head bag is really a very expensive bag!

After all, it comes from Bulgari, a high-end jewelry brand, which has its own sense of luxury~

The snake head element decorated in the middle of the flip cover highlights the “background” of this bag jewelry brand!

If you want to buy a snake head bag recently, you can actually take a look at this Serpenti Forever East-West ~

The shape is a bit like a “long” snake head underarm bag.

Liu Wen

Its shoulder strap can be adjusted, it can be used as an underarm bag, a messenger bag, or as a handbag, it is suitable for all occasions!

The price of this bag is around 1W7. To be honest, compared with the extravagant image brought by the snake head bag, it seems to be quite a bargain~

Reference price: 16,900 CNY


Valentino, which is loved by ladies and gentlemen all over the world, also has a bag with a good price/performance ratio!

It ‘s this Locò !

Reference price: 17,800 CNY

The slender East-West bag is decorated with a big V logo in the middle, and it is blessed by a shiny metal wheat ear chain, which looks very extravagant.

Moreover, in the 23 spring and summer show, there was also a design with the body of the bag and the metal parts of the same color.

Girls who like compact bags can also take a look at MiniLocò .

The solid metal parts make the reduced body still look very expensive, and the texture can completely hold down the dress and long skirt!

However, the overall style of the bag has become more playful, and girls usually look good when they go shopping and on dates.

Reference price: 16,500 CNY


The design of TOD’S has always been low-key and textured, so the bag is actually not as public as many brands, but has a simple and high-level sense of old money.

If you want to buy it this year, I recommend this Di Bag , which is back in the 22nd autumn and winter !

The big bag body has only a small oval Logo, and the overall feeling is clean, elegant and atmospheric~

However, although its design is simple, it does not give people the feeling of being thin at all.

The super solid leather faintly reveals the low-key aristocratic temperament of this bag.

There are three sizes of Di Bag from large to small, the small size in the middle is just right, and the price within 2W can be done!

Full leather design, large capacity, with zipper, simple design and very versatile! Really suitable as a commuter bag.

In addition, there are no iconic trend elements, and it feels like a bag can be carried for a long time.

Eikura Nana

Reference price: 18,100 CNY


The Gucci Horsebit 1955 series of this tote bag is also a treasure bag I recently discovered!

The three-dimensional bag is like a small suitcase with its own retro filter. No matter how you look at it, it seems to be a lot more expensive than other GG Supreme bags.

In particular, it is also a member of the Horsebit 1955 series, which belongs to Gucci’s very classic Beloved series. The price of many bags is 2W+.

But I didn’t expect that the price of this bag is actually 1W5! It feels like a great value for money when you buy it.

And its capacity is quite large, and it is also a configuration of handle + long shoulder strap, which is very practical for daily carrying!

Reference price: 15,000 CNY

Well, it looks very expensive, but the actual package is 1W+, and I will summarize it here for you today! Which one do you grow the most?

Which bag do you think looks more expensive than its price? Conversely, are there any other bags that you think are cheap, but actually cost a lot more than expected?

Love everyone Mr. Bao

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