It is reported that the new Meizu phone has entered the trial production and proofing stage and is expected to be released next year

IT House reported on October 28th, according to digital blogger @Digital Chat Station, the new Meizu phone has been manufactured in Foxconn. From the perspective of production, it should still be in the trial production and proofing stage, and the press conference is expected to be held next year .

The blogger revealed that the first batch of new flagships of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be launched at the end of November.

According to previous reports, Meizu fast charging will be greatly improved. The Meizu 19’s reserve plan already has a 100-watt battery plan . Specifically, Meizu is focusing on the MTW multi-pole ear dual charge pump dual-cell flash charging solution.

IT House learned that in July this year, Xingji Times announced that it held a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology, and obtained independent control of Meizu Technology. Shen Ziyu, vice chairman of Xingji Times, who also serves as the chairman of Meizu Technology, said that Meizu will retain an independent team and release a new flagship next year .

In addition, the Meizu 19 manager plan has ushered in six discussions before, including better battery life VS faster fast charging, heavier texture VS lighter feel, you are more inclined to enhance the external or Bluetooth audio experience, Horizontal inward folding, horizontal outward folding, and vertical inward folding, choose one of three functions, user needs of mobile phone and car interconnection series functions, display of creative design works, etc.