It is late autumn, how to moisturise skin care for psoriasis patients



Whenever autumn comes, many people’s skin becomes itchy and uncomfortable due to dryness, especially for patients who already suffer from psoriasis. This season’s skin scaling is very serious; Swirling”, so embarrassing.

However, “skinning” sounds simple, but it takes a lot of tricks to do it well. If the external method is not “powerful” enough, the “internal adjustment” must also keep up, in order to achieve “inside-out” moisturizing.

1. How to “lock water”? Moisturizing has tricks

The ingredients of various body lotions are actually not very different, so whether the effect is good or not has a lot to do with “how to apply”. Within minutes of just taking a shower, it’s “golden time” to apply body lotion. At this time, the moisture content of the skin’s surface is high, but it evaporates quickly, and a layer of body lotion is quickly applied to help quickly “lock” the moisture. The body lotion should be applied evenly, and it can be applied several times, one part at a time, so as not to “mud”, but also to fully moisturize every inch of skin.

In addition, it is best to reapply when you get up early. After all, body lotion also has an “aging effect”, and diligence is the best way to “preserve quality”.

The skin lesions of patients with psoriasis, because the stratum corneum is underdeveloped, loses water quickly, and is especially easy to dry, and it can be reapplied several times in the morning and evening.

2. Is the skin “thick” difficult to moisturize? “Package” medicinal bath to help

Many psoriasis patients have some particularly hypertrophic erythema, which are raised to the touch, hard in texture, and very thick scales. No matter how you apply it, the skin is always peeling. At this time, you can use pure Chinese medicine to take a bath~

Many people like to soak in hot springs in winter, and the spring water bath will make the skin feel smoother and more moisturizing. On the one hand, it is because the bath moisturizes the skin, and on the other hand, some ingredients in the spring water play a role in improving skin quality. Some hot springs will also add traditional Chinese medicine to play different health effects.

This method is also good for psoriasis. In addition to hot springs, we can also use the power of traditional Chinese medicine to formulate more targeted programs. Using traditional Chinese medicine for clearing heat, moisturizing dryness and relieving itching, boiled into medicinal soup and then soaking in water, or soaking local skin lesions, can not only thin the hypertrophic plaques, but also effectively reduce desquamation.

After the medicated bath, there is another way to enhance the moisturizing effect: apply a thick layer of body lotion to the skin lesions on the hands and feet, then wrap it with plastic wrap, and remove it after two hours. This is very similar to the principle of “applying a mask”, which can maintain local high humidity for several hours and reduce the evaporation of water.

3. Moisturize dryness and promote body fluid, and diet therapy removes “internal dryness”

In addition to a variety of external smearing methods, conditioning the “internal”, so that the skin is nourished by qi and blood, and can also relieve dryness. Chinese medicine believes that in autumn, the yang qi becomes weaker and the transpiration is insufficient, so the body fluid supplied to the muscle surface will also decrease. There are two ways to moisturize your skin “from the inside out”:

One is Qi. “Qi is the commander of blood”, replenishing qi can strengthen the transport of body fluid, especially suitable for people with dry skin, cold hands and feet, and cold in winter. The most commonly used medicinal material is astragalus, which can be combined with angelica and wolfberry to benefit qi and nourish blood.

The second is nourishing yin. This method is more suitable for those who have less deficiency of yin and blood, are prone to dryness and heat, and are prone to dry stools. The skin lesions of these patients tend to be brighter and more itchy, so it is necessary to increase the “moisturizing” intensity. Huangjing, Shudi, and Dendrobium all have the effect of nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness, and stewing into soup is also very delicious.

The above herbs can be simmered with black-bone chicken, teal, spare ribs and other ingredients. Animals are considered “flesh and soul” in traditional Chinese medicine, and have the natural effect of nourishing yin and blood. At the same time, supplementing these high-protein foods can also make up for the loss of skin desquamation.

The method of internal adjustment, combined with the external emollient means, can make the skin hydrated and get rid of dryness from the inside to the outside.

Experts from Yuncheng Xiamin Psoriasis Specialist Hospital remind the majority of psoriasis patients that autumn and winter are the seasons of high incidence of psoriasis. Daily care and skin moisturizing are essential. Once psoriasis recurs, you must seek medical treatment in time. Psoriasis patients can safely escape the entire autumn and winter seasons.