It is hot on the Korean website that JDG lost to T1: 369 did his best! I didn’t expect the gap in the middle to be so big

In the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship, T1 eliminated JDG with a 3-1 record and advanced to the final. Soon this game caused a lot of heated discussions among LCK netizens, let’s see what their views are!

-GEN and DRX come out!

– The level of competition in T1 is really crazy. It has been a long time since the final LCK civil war. This year’s world champion is the LCK, T1 contributed 50%, and DRX also contributed 50%. T1 faced EDG, RNG and JDG, and DRX faced RNG, TES and EDG, all showing a good appearance.

-DRX and T1 killed LPL all, lol.

-At the same time, GEN is responsible for killing LCK.

– I’m so happy, Xiba!

-LPL doesn’t work!

– Really every game from the top 8 was full of joy.

-We are in the first division.

– What is it that LPL is very good this year? Come in and have a look. The LPL Civil War in the World Championship Finals?

– Our 4th final is the LCK civil war.

– This year’s LPL is the strongest in history, I want to laugh when I mention this. In fact, you are very weak, you should do what you say.

-LPL’s strongest is TES, hehe.

– But this year, it seems that it is not that LPL has become weaker, but that it is very strong unexpectedly.

-Want to ask if LPL has ever played a final civil war?

-Didn’t you say that the LPL All-China class entered the finals this year?

– LPL domestic mid laner has never won the world championship.

– If the mid laner is not Korean, it is impossible to have good results.

-369’s expression after losing to T1, hard work.

-369 You played really well.

-369 You are really scary.

-To be honest, I thought Zeus would win, 369 played really well in lane.

– This is also the second time he has stopped in the top 4.

– The bot lane is really too bad, I feel like this expression.

-These guys on West Eighth Road.

-369 and kanavi are really scary.

-369 should hit Hope on the head with the keyboard to wake him up.

-I still have a good impression of JDG.

-Because their players are so pitiful, so I support them too.

-JDG always plays well at the beginning of the jungle, and then it’s a pity to start the bot lane.

-JDG’s Ueno is really scarier than expected, they played well.

-I feel that there are really a lot of great children on the road in China, and other roads are a bit…

-Because of being influenced by theshy.

-Actually, the Chinese jungler is not bad.

-369 is innocent.

-Toothpaste: How did you feel about the thread with Faker? completely suppressed by him.

-To be honest, the gap in the bottom lane is expected, but I didn’t expect the gap in the middle lane to be so big.

– I thought it would be hard to win in the middle, but the results were very different. Hero pools are also limited in width.

-You guys blew too much toothpaste back then.

– Kanavi also played very well in this game, as expected he is the number one jungler in the LPL.

-kanavi should be a pity.

-kanavi is really awesome.

-Should have beaten Hope in private.

-JDG lost because there was only one Korean.

– What did the EDG say?

-kanavi has worked hard, see you next year at KDF with Cvmax brother!

– If you want to renew the contract, let JDG buy another Korean aid!

So, what do you have to say about the opinions of these LCK netizens? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss.