Is there any other good way for garbage cooking besides submitting materials? The old driver of Fantasy Westward Journey has something to say

In Fantasy Westward Journey, not all props can be sold for a good price, such as garbage cooking, hidden weapons and so on. Since the closure of the Aolai stove, many people have been very troubled by the garbage they have accumulated in cooking. Although they can be sold to Zhuzi material merchants in batches, high-end cooking is sometimes not easy to sell! Come and listen to the old driver today how to deal with garbage cooking, it will definitely let you learn new “postures”!

One, the world knows you

There are many rewarding single-player games in Fantasy Westward Journey, and the world knows the king is one of them. When players interact with NPCs, there is a link to hand in props. At this time, the purpose of garbage cooking can be reflected. After the player turns in the cooking, they can complete the task and get 1W+money, 15W+experience (level 175).

Although there is no type requirement for the junk cooking that the world knows you need, the quality must be above 100. In addition, the task of Knowing the King in the world is to refresh the number of tasks according to the player’s online time, so it is a little regret that it cannot handle a large amount of garbage cooking.

2. Mutant animals

For the Specialized Ranch, players go out to breed animals every day, and they will always breed mutant animals. Compared with ordinary animals, mutant animals not only live longer, but also produce more, generally about 30% more. If you are short of precious feed when feeding mutant animals, you might as well use garbage cooking instead.

A mutant animal can be fed three cookings per day and get 30 size points. If you have a large number of mutant animals in your ranch, you can definitely consume a lot of garbage cooking.

3. Join the running ring group

Running a ring requires a lot of materials, including cooking. Of course, if it is just to deal with garbage cooking and go to the ring, it will definitely outweigh the gain. It is suggested here that you can join the running ring group in the district. The running ring bosses in the group come out from time to time to collect and cook. The prices they give are high, not inferior to the stalls, and the quantity is also large, and the collection is a big truck.

Of course, because of the high price and the large quantity given by the boss of the ring, the competition is very fierce. Every time they send a receipt message in the group, they are immediately overwhelmed by the “cooking party”. Here is a warm reminder, you can add the personal V of the ring boss, and I don’t need to teach you what to do next!

Fourth, set up a stall to sell

If anything in the world is painful, Aurora thinks it’s a stall selling cooking! Especially in areas with fewer people, it is torture to set up a stall to sell cooking. You will find that the money from selling cooking is not consumed by the card. Of course, the fire zone is not easy to sell, and the competition is extremely inward.

However, there are routines and methods for doing things, and the same goes for setting up a stall to sell cooking. You can stagger the competitive time period and set up stalls at 12:00 am and 8:00 am. Cooking is still very popular during these two time periods, of course, only in the crowded area.

5. Throw it in the pawnshop

If you have too much garbage cooking, and Zhu Zi merchants are full of ingredients, you can consider throwing the garbage cooking to the pawnshop to sell. Although it is convenient to sell to NPC, the price is really appalling, so use this trick with caution.

How do you deal with your garbage cooking? Welcome to leave a message and share in the comment area~