Is there any morality in the rivers and lakes? The second master of the cold water staged the Infernal Affairs, kicked away 20 high-ranking players

If you enter the enemy gang and try your hardest, and then kill your own people, how exciting will the Adversity Cold Gang be? The reason why “Anti Shuicold” is popular among players is definitely a big reason for the bloody battle. After all, the battle of hundreds of people always makes people’s blood boil.

Among them, gangs and alliances have the largest scale of battles. In order to win, there are always some “smart” tactics used. I believe you can’t imagine the level of intrigue. Let’s take a look.

Everyone knows the story of being brave and trying hard, and this scene was staged in “Against the Cold”. Recently, a netizen broke out that a player “Ale,” with a combat power of 134,000, pretended to be a boss and sneaked into Moshang. Second home location.

Then, after a month of lurking, on a night with a high black wind, he directly kicked the top 20 high-flying battles. After watching it, the player directly said: Adverse Water Cold is really wonderful, how about playing Infernal Affairs here?

I really didn’t expect such a good job, and it has already hit the enemy’s rear before arriving on the battlefield. This wave of operation Tianxiu has broken through the brain hole of ordinary people! Coincidentally, there is another thing that has attracted everyone’s attention recently…

When a player was fighting the Liao Army, he was robbed by an iron-clothed monster from the alliance, but he was angry and scolded: You are so disgusting, and killed this iron-clothed, followed by this full-service ranking 125’s Tie Yi came back after being resurrected.

This player thought it would be even if one person died once, but then he met this Tie Yi again, and followed a gang player who ranked third in the whole server, and then the third player on the list became popular and sent him with this Tie Yi. Into the devil.

Then the player went to the management of the gang and asked him how to kill his own people, how to calculate this, but in exchange for the management to accuse him of scolding people, it is not the fault of others that you scolded people. It’s not right to rob the alliance gang in peacetime, and to find outsiders to kill their own people, it really doesn’t understand.

And since one is the 3rd and the other is the famous Tieyi on the list, many players said: Which of these managements in the new area is not a snob, if you are on the list, you will definitely deal with it clearly. Just enough.

But having said that, there is still a lot of morality among the gang alliances in “Reverse Water Cold”, and most of them will not do such a thing of “killing their own people”. And in order to win or lose the game, the drama of trying to win the game really also shows the feeling of intrigue and intrigue in the court drama. I have to say that Adversity against the Water Cold is really wonderful!