Is there a small difference between the “Pokémon” Mega Bangiras and the normal form? In fact, the battle has become a lot stronger!

When we introduced the Mega Claw Mantis before, we mentioned that the Mega Claw Mantis and the ordinary Claw Mantis have similarities in battle, because the gameplay of the two in the battle is the sword dance and the first bullet punch, then the Mega Claw Mantis’s In fact, there is no self before Mega among the competitors. Although there are few examples of such Mega, it is not unique to the Giant Claw Mantis. The same is true for the Mega Bangjilas we are going to introduce in this article. Compared with ordinary Bangjilas, the characteristics The same is the sand, and the attributes have not changed, so does this mean that there is no need for Megas in Banquilas? Let’s take a look.

Mega Bangiras: Attribute (Rock/Evil), Trait (Sand). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

The biggest competitor of Mega Bandiras is himself without Mega.

Because the skill learning surface, characteristics and attributes have not been changed, the only difference between Mega Banjilas and ordinary Banjilas is that the racial value has changed. Compared with ordinary Banjilas, Mega Banjilas’s Attack, double defense, and speed have all been improved. The most important thing is the increased speed. Regular Banquilas rarely carry items that increase output in battles, so the combined attack is raised to 164. Mega Banderas is obviously more aggressive. To put it bluntly, it pays more attention to output gameplay. However, Mega Banderas still relies heavily on strengthening when it comes to breaking shields. Dragon dance is the core choice.

The increase in speed is helpful for Mega Bandiras, but if there is no dragon dance blessing for speed enhancement, it will not make much sense. This is also the reason why Xiao Er prefers Mega Banderas to look for opportunities to strengthen regardless of singles and doubles. The reason is that the battle functionality of ordinary Banjilas is also available on the Mega Banjilas side, that is, the sandstorm weather team building caused by the sandstorm weather, but Banjilas will bring its own sand when playing, so I don’t know if this credit should be counted on Mega, because Mega’s evolutionary characteristics are also Yangsha, so if you really want to use Mega, there is a strange appearance that ordinary Banjilas don’t have to choose Yangsha.

Recommended moves: Dragon Dance + Sharp Stone Attack / Rock Collapse + Frozen Fist / Fire Fist / Crushing / Earthquake / Brute Force (Choose 2)

What Xiaoer recommends here is the more conventional three-attack dragon dance. In fact, the matching moves of Mega Bangjilas are very diverse, and there are also direct four-attack or walking with invisible rocks that are more functional, but since they all choose Mega Banjilas, Xiao Er still prefers not to waste the basic physical attack that Mega Banjiras has improved. The speed increase and physical attack provided by Dragon Dance can be very suitable for Mega Banjilas. The basic Iwamoto is to be chosen, and the evil one is optional. In fact, if the dragon dances, the impact surface of the Frozen Fist and the Fire Fist is more impressive, compared to the evil one.

Well, the above is Xiao Er’s personal supplement to Mega Bangjilas. Mega Bangjilas is mainly a quasi-god before there is no Mega, and his body is too good.