Is there a secret to the no-level identification of Fantasy Westward Journey? The appraiser of the first magic wand came to “class” in person

Anyone who has played Fantasy knows that some people can identify artifacts very easily, and can even produce several unranked pieces within a few days. Are they really the chosen ones? For the answer to this question, Jiguang was fortunate to invite the appraiser of the first level-free magic wand. He is also a reader who pays attention to our leaf pig to see what experience he has in appraising equipment.

1. Moments of light

Let’s first take a look at the magical costumes that fans have identified in recent years.

This is the no-level magic wand identified by fans in 2020. It has been a year or two from now, but its damage is still the ceiling of the no-level magic wand. The title of No. 1 in the whole server cannot be shaken so far, and I believe it will be difficult to have it in the future. beyond its existence.

I have to mention here that this is also the first time for fans to play appraisal, so they prepared two magic wands, and they counterattacked. Debut is the pinnacle, and this sentence is very apt to describe it.

Let’s take a look at this 150 God’s Bless Greatsword. The initial total damage is 859, the sensitivity and resistance are doubled by 50, and after 15 gems are forged, the total damage can reach 1017. In terms of damage, it can be said to be a peerless killer of Apocalypse PK! In addition to the special effects of God’s Blessing, and the non-specialized extreme high damage, the price of this giant sword is not weaker than that of the general Daguangwu level!

This is a 150 non-grinding God Bless fan identified by fans, with 759 total injuries at the beginning and 48 agility alone. Although the damage of this fan is average, but with no grinding special effects, it is the dream weapon of mission players.

Of course, fans also identified a lot of artifacts, such as the 140-level three-magic defense bracelet and the 140-level three-speed earrings that were shown before, which will not be introduced here due to space constraints.

In addition to identifying equipment, fans also like to create personalized pets, and they have put a lot of energy and effort into this, and created a lot of superb babies! It seems that in addition to Wang Xie, the pet zookeeper, there are many hidden gods in the dream!

Second, the identification experience

Under Jiguang’s sincere (cheeky) inquiry, fans revealed their appraisal experience, that is, not to make appraisals for the sake of making money, but to make up for what is lacking in the team. To put it in one sentence, it’s a random series, and it’s okay to be the best if you can. It is this kind of peace of mind that has created counterattacks again and again. It can be said that this attitude is worth learning from.

And fans are also very loyal to their friends. No matter in reality or in the game, he is willing to give 100% sincerity. The phrase “I will solve the economic pressure” shows that he has the style of Lord Mengchang.

3. Game life

For many people, Fantasy Westward Journey is not only an online game, but also a part of life. Let’s take a look at the interesting people or things that fans meet in their dreams.

The fantasies of the fans are very rich. From the server Yuhuatai to the present, they are absolute hardcore players.

The charm of fantasy is not only the game itself, but also extends to reality. Fans met a close friend through fantasy. At first, the friend was just his housekeeper. Later, after meeting offline, they found that they had similar interests and became close friends.

In order to prevent fans from spending money to identify equipment, this friend frequently changes item locks. Hey, it’s not easy for this friend, I’m heartbroken for the fans’ wallets.

(The one on the right is the fan himself)

(On the left is the fan’s dream friend, because I did not ask for my consent, so I typed the code)

The above two pictures are the offline party photos of fans and dream friends. From virtual to reality, fate is so wonderful!

4. Equipment & baby display

Of course, as a hardcore player, the hardware strength of the fans is also excellent, and they have successfully entered the top 128. The top-quality Liuyun men’s clothing made by myself, the primary defense is 287, the body sensitivity is double plus 61, and the standard clothing is the best men’s clothing. This men’s clothing is currently ready to be marked with 16 forged jadeite.

The 9-skills net platform barrier in service, according to the fans, is now so popular, he must also keep up with this trend and not fall behind.

Due to the limited space and the focus of this article, it is enough to simply glance at the fans’ equipment and babies.

Fans are also very particular people. Whether it is equipment or babies, they must build their own hands. This is called “not forgetting the original intention”!

V. Summary

After reading the full text, you can feel that the fans have a sincere heart, and he really loves dreams! If you are like him, you might as well join the big family of Yuhuatai. At present, the fan team still lacks physical teammates!

Traveling with friends in the Three Realms and talking about life, I think this is one of the biggest charms of fantasy!