Is the U.S. 101st Airborne Division on the Ukrainian border directly involved in combat?

The United States, Russia and other media reported that a part of the 101st Airborne Division of the United States, that is, about 4,700 people, mainly the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, was urgently deployed in Romania, only a few kilometers away from the border with Ukraine, ready to enter Ukraine at any time. , This situation seems to be very critical. After the 101st Division arrived in Romania, it can be said to be very proud.

His deputy division commander, Brigadier General Lubas, said in an interview that our division will defend every inch of NATO’s land, while Colonel Mattedes, commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, pointed out that paying close attention to the Russian military, even Enter Ukraine if necessary in response to a Russian attack on a NATO ally.

The American media said that the 101st Airborne Division, known as the “Whistling Eagle”, once again set foot on European soil 80 years after the Normandy landing, in order to defend the Kyiv regime, but the Russian military experts would not If you think so, you can say that the US military is just doing a kind of political public relations. This is a common trick in Hollywood, and that’s it. Russia doesn’t have time to chat with the US there.

Now there are also analysts who believe that the United States is escalating the situation and forcing Russia to use nuclear weapons. Why does the United States make such a big splash at this critical time to engage in such a thing that fuels the fire? Let’s look at three points:

First, from a military point of view, the current situation in Ukraine is a bit bad, and it may be unbearable. I am worried that after Ukraine collapses, the Russian army will directly enter some areas of NATO countries, play its strategic buffer area, and become a political negotiation in the future. of a chip. Therefore, the United States and NATO must be fully prepared. The deployment site is now on the Romanian side. One is to target the Odessa and Kherson areas in southern Ukraine, and the other is to support Poland, but if it is deployed directly to Poland , that is too sensitive. It has to be deployed on Romania’s side first. This is what NATO is most worried about. Russia is going to retaliate against Poland, not Romania.

Second, this is indeed a political propaganda, which creates pressure on Russia and at the same time shows its allies the determination and ability of the United States to maintain its alliance system. Now the situation in Europe is starting to change a bit. Countries have different attitudes towards Ukraine. Faced with the anti-Russian united front, there may be slack. This is too important. The U.S. media hyped it up in a high-profile manner.

Third, as for forcing Russia to use nuclear weapons, you cannot say that there is no such intention, but this is not the main purpose, and the current situation has not reached this stage.

But then again, will the 101st Division really enter Ukraine to fight the Russian army? As of now, it still won’t. Moreover, the second brigade-level combat team deployed now does not have the conditions to fight such a tough battle. No matter from his equipment and personnel, it is not for that purpose. He is also a quick-response in a role. The United States also set a premise for the harsh words he said about entering Ukraine to fight, and he publicly emphasized this premise, saying that we would only do this if NATO countries were attacked. He did not say whether it was entering Ukraine or not. Fighting against the Russian army, although some people said so, but he said that if I was attacked, I would really enter Ukraine. He made a premise that there is a gray space here.

From the current point of view, it is unlikely that the 101st Division will enter Ukraine as an organic system, but the United States is preparing here, but you said that some of the troops here are broken into pieces, take off their uniforms and become volunteers. Participation in the war is indeed a possibility, so the assessment of the United States must be considered in the worst place, because the United States does things ruthlessly and has no bottom line, and it cannot be taken lightly.