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Thyroid calcification refers to the deposition of calcium in the thyroid tissue and is a pathological calcification. Typically, thyroid calcification can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as thyroid nodule growth, thyroid trauma, thyroiditis, thyroid cancer, and more.

1. Thyroid nodule growth: The patient develops thyroid nodules due to excessive iodine intake and other reasons. When a thyroid nodule grows, it causes calcium salts to deposit in the thyroid cells. Thyroid nodules can calcify over time and usually do not affect thyroid function. If the thyroid nodule is large, surgical treatment, such as microwave ablation, is feasible.

2. Thyroid trauma: It can lead to abnormal thyroid nodules, which can lead to thyroid calcification. Patients need to regularly observe the shape and degree of calcification of thyroid nodules within 3-6 months, and surgical resection is required if necessary;

3. Thyroiditis: If the patient suffers from thyroiditis due to infection or other conditions, the body may have abnormal thyroid metabolism, which will lead to calcium deposition. At this time, it is necessary to carry out targeted treatment for the patient under the guidance of a professional doctor. For example, patients with immune thyroiditis can be treated with thyroid powder and levothyroxine sodium tablets. Infectious thyroiditis needs to be treated with antibiotics, such as penicillin, cephalosporins, etc.;

4. Thyroid cancer: If there is thyroid cancer, the patient may experience symptoms of thyroid calcification due to the rapid growth of cancer cells. If diagnosed, it can be treated with surgery, radioactive iodine-131 therapy, and chemotherapy.

As an endocrine disease, thyroid disease may involve multiple systems, multiple organs, and complex disease changes. Effective diagnosis and treatment are inseparable from multidisciplinary professional collaboration.

At present, in view of the complex and changeable phenomenon of the thyroid gland, our hospital avoids the defects of using total or lateral thyroidectomy in traditional surgery. Balanced triple therapy. Comprehensive and scientific classification treatment, highly targeted, to meet the needs of different patients as much as possible.

Friends who are troubled by thyroid disease must choose a professional hospital, and then choose the appropriate treatment plan. Money goes to treatment, and the recovery effect after treatment may be greatly reduced, so we must do early detection and early treatment.