Is the mobile game with the deepest story in China now, Ark of Tomorrow?

There is no obvious distinction between good and evil, right and wrong. Many times you see two forces fighting, and you don’t feel happy when the two forces win, and you don’t want both forces to lose.

Although the characters you use are all women, Honkai 3 is actually a story of three men. The extremely rational Kevin actually maintains his sensibility with extreme rationality. Otto, who is extremely emotional, actually maintains the rationality in his heart with his extreme sensibility. Walter, who neutralizes sensibility and rationality, has nothing to say about this, but is a positive character in the general plot.

Kevin had the saviour on his back from the start, so he couldn’t have any feelings. Because he wants to defeat Honkai, and in the eyes of everyone, Kevin is the only person who can defeat Honkai, so Kevin can’t be emotional. But in fact, Kevin was not born to want to be an influence. At the beginning, he wanted to act in front of his girlfriend.

In the time spanning 50,000 years, he sat beside the broken bridge like a cowherd and a weaver girl, waiting for his dead girlfriend. Until the final battle, he still hoped that a miracle would appear, and he would see the figure 50,000 years ago. It can be said that fulfilling his girlfriend’s wish, the greatest emotion, made Kevin become ruthless and extremely rational. Do not hesitate to sacrifice yourself, sacrifice everything, to defeat the enemy of mankind.

Otto is extremely sensual, like a wicked man who recklessly indulges his desires. In order to save his lover who died five hundred years ago, Otto does nothing, even if he puts all the human beings in the world on a bet with the Honkai God. But in fact, Otto saved more than just his girlfriend. It is the morality and belief in the world. Heroes handed down by later generations should not die like this.

Walter has nothing to say. He is undoubtedly the most ideal human being, but his strength is also the weakest among the three. After all, think about this every day, think about that. I don’t want to do human experiments, and I don’t want to gamble on other people’s lives. Therefore, he is one of the most dishes.

Should human beings be emotional or rational? Whether efficiency is more important or fairness is more important is really a question second only to living or dying.

Let’s talk about the conclusion first. I think the plot of Ark is not the best in the domestic mobile game, but at least it has the top three

Let’s talk about the advantages of the plot. As far as the plot of the Ark is concerned, the grand world view determines that each story should not only consider the story itself, but also the cohesion and coherence of the stories between regions, so that players who read the plot carefully will slowly Have an in-depth understanding of the continent of Terra. At the same time, the story will also show you the settings between various regions, such as the LAN sharing of Rutland, the demon kingdom of the inner guard of Uthas, etc.

In my opinion, Rhode Island is like a messenger threading needles and wires, connecting various regions with their own Rhode Island offices, giving Rhode Island even a certain say in some regions (such as Casimir) , Now the plot of Ark gives me the feeling that I am playing a very big game. When I was reading the plot, I never cared about the so-called depth. I only felt that the copywriting team should have a very clever conception of the entire story on the Terra Continent.

At the same time, I feel that the artistry of Ark’s text is among the best in domestic mobile games. If you still want to argue with me now, it’s okay to have riddlers, then I can only say that this part of the gangsters have no patience to read these words carefully. Or maybe the level in some places didn’t keep up (laughs). In short, there have been very few riddlers in Ark in the past year or even two years, and most of them can understand it by looking closely. Personally, I think the artistry of the plot includes beautiful rhetoric, rhetorical techniques in paragraphs, and the three-dimensional sense of the characters portrayed. The plot party can naturally understand what I say is true.

After watching the plot, there is a refreshing feeling of clearing the clouds and seeing the sun, and some ss are also very innovative, but the biggest disadvantage is that the depiction of the group portraits leads to insufficient ink on the main characters, resulting in the portrayal of the main characters is not very good. This is also something that can’t be helped. After all, after the new operator is released, the plot will definitely give the new operator more scenes, which is a flaw. At the same time, the expressiveness of Ark’s graphics is not very good compared to Mijia games. Recently, some plot pv and the like have been introduced into the game. It can be seen that the official is also focusing on solving this problem.

The logic of just waking up may not be very clear. After watching the plot of Ark for more than two years, it is natural to say that there is a bias, but I have played a lot of mobile games. I think my views are relatively objective.

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