Is the love you have talked about sweet or bitter? Have you ever been with these constellations that make you sweet?

Although talking about money hurts feelings and talking about feelings is sad, but falling in love is for happiness. How uncomfortable is it that you always have a bitter face?

Is it fate, not TA? Or the wrong person at the wrong time? Otherwise, you try these constellations?


Put you first, you are the heart of my heart, I want to hold it in my hands and warm my heart~ Do you like this?

The domineering Leo wants to let you know what it means to be able to go out of the hall and into the kitchen. In front of others, he is the king of the forest, and in front of you, he is a domesticated pet; even if you are an old rabbit, the lion who loves you will treat all Everything is dedicated to you, and of course the lion’s lover must be protected by the lion himself! Which round get other old rabbits?

In front of you, the Leo who is in love has only one motto, which is “From now on, I will only love you alone, spoil you, never lie to you, do everything I promise you, and tell you everything Be sincere in every word, don’t bully you, don’t scold you, trust you, if others bully you, you should come out to help you at the first time, if you are happy, you will be happy with you, if you are unhappy, you will coax you Be happy, always think you are the most beautiful, see you in my dreams, and only you in my heart! Chen Jichang in Hedong Lion Roar is actually a Leo, right?


Does Scorpio surprise you? There are always accidents in everything. Although Scorpio is a little more serious, the love is still very sincere. There is a kind of love called “the whole world is only waiting for you to love me”, which is the attitude of Scorpio towards you;

When you are low-key, you are cold, and when you are high-key, you should show your love. Those who don’t love can only feel the cold Scorpio, and those who love will drink Scorpio’s honey! Love that has been planned for a long time is hard to let go, right? What Scorpio gives you is pure and sincere love after careful consideration, and that determination may be the most solid and brave confession.

Scorpio loves you like a thriving flower in this world, there is no romance in the sea of ​​flowers, no too many decorations, only a sincere heart directly in front of you, so you need your love every day, the more you love Scorpio, the deeper you fall.


“Needing you every minute” is a sign of Pisces falling in love with you. Sweet talk to you is Pisces’ strength. As long as Pisces thinks you are the right person, nothing can stop her/their footsteps;

Maybe for you, love is not your everything, but for Pisces, you are his/her everything, you don’t have to worry about romance or anything, that’s Pisces’ strong point, as long as Pisces is careful, it’s okay to be careless Existence, maybe even the details that you didn’t care about are full of creativity!

Pisces takes you carefully in his heart, as if he is afraid of losing you, and respects every decision you make, so that you can always feel her/his existence and not lose yourself because of this, Pisces will accompany you when you are sad Sad together, make you happier when you are happy, do you know what it means to be soaked in honey, sweet to the heart? Then try being with Pisces.

A’s honey and B’s arsenic, your baby is ready, it’s time for honey to go online~Merry Christmas~