Is “Pokémon” having the ultimate physical defense a qualified object shield? Is the big steel snake a counterexample?

The durability of a Pokémon depends on HP, defense and special defense. Generally speaking, as long as the HP is not too high, even if one of the defense or special defense is not very good, as long as the other has a good value, It can still be called “material shield” or “special shield”, and in this article, Xiao Er will introduce the six so far (four of them are divided into two groups to write), the material defense is the highest. ‘s Pokémon, let’s see if it really has the highest defense, which means that it can be a qualified shield.

PS: The ranking is in no order; this article may not have much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 Promise Tina

The first level of physical defense is our first-level god of the eighth generation, that is, Wuji Taina, which reaches 250 defense, but just like when we said that the HP racial value is the highest, this value is Wuji Taina through Wuji Giant Transformation. Only after that, and there is currently no situation in which the giant Wuji Taina appears in the battle, so although this value itself exists, it has no meaning in the battle. In a sense, the Wuji Taina’s this The first ranking is a bit “virtual”, so we won’t discuss it too much here.

NO.2 Big Steel Snake, Boss Cordola

The second in the same row is the Big Steel Snake and Boss Cordola. After the six generations of these two have obtained the Mega evolution, the defense race value has soared to 230. Compared with the comprehensive durability, the Mega Big Steel Snake has a higher HP base. , and Mega Boss Cordola has a filter that increases durability in disguised form. Although the big steel snake is ridiculed by players to “get out of the picture book”, it actually has steel resistance and sufficient material resistance. The Steel Snake is still a very qualified material shield. Its shortcoming in battle is not a pot with high material resistance, but it is still very hard.

NO.3 pot pot, Lei Lei stone

The reason why I put Huhu and Leilei together is not because they have similarities, but because Huhu Xiaoer has said it too many times. I will skip it here. The basic defense value of Huhu is 230. It is the same as the Big Steel Snake and Boscodora after the Mega above, but the HP is far lower than those of them. The base defense value of Lei Lei Stone is 211. Even if it is dragged down by HP, it has its own special defense and physical defense. The Lei Lei stone, which is good enough in defense, can still play the role of station consumption and lay-by-field interference in the battle.

NO.4 Regilock


I really want to say that the one with the most crotch in this article is not the Mega Steel Snake that is ridiculed by the players in every possible way, but the Regilock who is ranked here. Regilock’s basic defense value has reached 200, but because of its own The combat functionality is poor, and the attributes it has are pure rock, with more weaknesses and less resistance, resulting in often weak scenes when making shields. All pillars have certain specialties. Reached 200, but Regilock couldn’t play the role of high physical defense well, and he was helpless.

Well, the above are the four groups of Pokemon with high defense that Xiao Er will introduce this time. It can be seen that high defense should also be considered based on HP and resistance, and then judge whether a Pokemon is fleshy or not.