Is “Pokémon” following the trend a characteristic of super-sexy battles? No, the acceleration feature is!

Xiaoer once thought that if the ostrich was used as the prototype, in fact, only the Duduli family is not enough, because the design of the three-headed bird of Duduli is actually a bit deviated from reality, so in the ninth generation of super-powerful ostrich Here we go, the first sight of the super-powerful ostrich made Xiao Er think of the Galar Flame Horse from the eighth generation, but in terms of combat ability, it is also a super-power system. At present, the performance of the super-powerful ostrich is better than that of Galar Leer’s flame horse is much better. Although the super-powerful ostrich has the new feature of following the trend, in fact, judging from the current battle, the super-powerful ostrich is more compatible with the acceleration characteristic. Let’s take a look.

Super-powerful ostrich: attributes (superpowers), characteristics (follow the trend/perception/acceleration). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

An ostrich that is not bad for strengthening or interfering.

Let’s talk directly about the characteristics first. There is only one reason why the super-powerful ostrich doesn’t choose a more distinctive follow-up, that is, the initiative is on the opponent’s side. The effect is that when the opponent’s ability improves, the Pokémon with this characteristic will also be If you will improve the same ability, then you will not be able to take the initiative. Although it can effectively prevent the opponent from using the strengthened Pokémon to make appropriate targets, but more often it tends to be a white board. Then why not choose a round in this case? How about an acceleration once? Although the super-powerful ostrich’s speed is basically over 100, it does not rule out the icing on the cake, and it can get a better first hand by accelerating once.

Let’s take a look at the panel of the super-powerful ostrich. In addition to the speed exceeding 100, there are two other values ​​that stand out. One is HP, and the other is special attack. The HP itself is dragged down by dual defenses. The above is actually lacking, but special attack 101 represents a certain amount of output consumption, so there are two ways to combine the super-powerful ostrich as a fairy system. One is to rely on acceleration to strengthen the route, which is more commonly used in singles. You can even play enhanced relay, and the second is to take a functional route, using the acceleration feature in exchange for a better first hand, and using this speed advantage to interfere or assist.

Recommended moves (enhanced): Meditation + Hold + Glazed Light Rush / Auxiliary Power + Magic Flash / Baton

Recommended moves (functional): Glazed Light Rush + Feather Dance / Magic Space / Hypnotism / Light Wall / Reflection Wall / Feather Habitat / Help (choose three)

Recommended attributes of Taijing: fairy, super power

In terms of gameplay, super powers that focus on output will generally be strengthened with the meditation feature. The double enhancement of acceleration and meditation makes super powers more inclined to auxiliary power in the choice of superbooks. After all, they can create more High output burst, magic flash can be considered in blind repair, so you can also choose Taijing Fairy when it is too crystallized. After all, the penetration of the fairy system is relatively good. There are many choices of skills for auxiliary gameplay, but they are more core. Glazed Light Rush is very necessary. Not only can it play a good consumption, but it can also reduce the opponent’s level 2 special defense. It has good functionality and has a miraculous effect on Pokemon and other elves.

Well, the above is Xiao Er’s personal opinion on the Pokémon Super Blonde, and there is another characteristic detection, um, it becomes little transparent when it has the acceleration characteristic.