Is Love Brain a Mental Illness? Guo Wanying tells you: they don’t have to eat some hardships

It’s outrageous… The most magical person’s collapsed house in 2022 has appeared!

Wang Baochuan, the heroine of freedom fighter and anti-feudal arranged marriage;

Across the long river of history, today, more than a thousand years later, he has turned into a grandmother in love, and is pulled out every day to spur young girls:

“Hey, the love brain has to eat wild vegetables for 18 years!”

Other love brains were also picked up and pulled to the hot search to whip the corpse.

For example, Qin Xianglian is more in love than Wang Baochuan

Because the marriage is not mentioned, the husband also told the mother-in-law that she will do the dirty work; in the end, she was almost killed…

Funny thing is: Xue Pinggui and Chen Shimei are both played by the same male star

In the front, there is Baochuan to dig vegetables, and Yichen eats bamboo shoots in the back.

Be awkward in front of others, and “be the third for love” in the back;

The first second: how long will you trample on my love; the next second: it is not impossible.

Do you look like a hard-mouthed sister who is in love around you?

Some He Yichen’s pain literature for everyone

The heroines of Qiong Yao’s drama are ashamed

When everyone’s love brains competed across time and space and showed their magical powers, Qinger appeared on the stage as the originator of anti-love brains, winning the respect of netizens in the 21st century.

Don’t panic when you encounter a problem, let the man find the problem from himself first

Look at people, no matter how much you love, you swear to only use the life of the sword…

Love brain is not a new word for a long time, but it will still maintain a high topic in 2022.

Don’t fall in love, it seems that it has become the biggest exhortation to girls.

Even Disney female stars have been admonished

Some people even joked: Love brain is a mental illness, please know that love brain zombies don’t eat it!

Why is the love brain so despised and avoided by everyone?

Most of it is because I have seen too much the bitterness of unilateral efforts that have not been properly responded to, and the embarrassment of being let down…

Some bitter they don’t have to eat

Guo Wanying, the fourth young lady of the Shanghai Yongan Department Store family, is the real Bai Fumei.

Sisters who are not impressed by the name, Yang said 2 cases written before, you must remember:

She was in charge of washing the buckets full of excrement and urine when she was sent down.

But still under limited conditions, try to take care of yourself neatly and beautifully, and even wear a decent cheongsam when cleaning the toilet;

Bake Petersburg-style cakes in an enameled jar on a briquettes stove, bake toast on a wire…

When everyone mentions her, all they think of is the tenacity and grace that blooms out of adversity.

But what I didn’t expect was that in addition to the times, she was still suffering from love brains.

Born with a golden spoon in her mouth, she lives in a garden house, keeps a pet pony, and uses copper coins to play water…

It stands to reason that with such a basic family background, not to say that it is good and smooth, at least it will not be too miserable.

She has everything that others have, but she has 2 pounds more than others, anti-bone + love brain.

She didn’t like the elite fiance arranged by the family because the fiance sent her stockings from the United States and said: These socks are of good quality and will not break after wearing them for a year.

Guo Wanying’s reaction be like: This is too practical and too boring.

She is looking forward to a romantic, fun-filled marriage. So he decided to break off the marriage, and finally fell in love with Wu Yuxiang, who was in the middle of the family and had a lot of fun.

Others say she doesn’t deserve it, but she is like the little mermaid who sacrificed her voice to a witch for her legs, and plunged her head into the illusory bubble of love.

Not only do you have to take full control of the wedding; you are also betrayed soon after the wedding.

Wu Yuxiang stayed up all night when she had a difficult childbirth; he was hanging out with a young widow, and he needed her to come to the door to lead someone, and the next day, he would bring him breakfast with a smile…

Not only that, Wu Yuxiang was also addicted to D Bo, and left her a debt after her death.

She has to pull two children and pay off her debts, so she can only live in a pavilion less than 7 square meters.

Although the ups and downs of the times are irresistible, if you get out of the relationship as soon as possible, you can suffer half the hardship.

Now the Guo family is still very influential. Except for her, who is in love, other brothers and sisters are doing well.

Coincidentally, there is also Elsa Schiaparelli, who was born in a famous Italian family.

The name may be a bit unfamiliar, but you must have seen a star wearing her home clothes.

Kazi’s mask shirt and Sister Jin’s muscle dress are all from it

Yes, she is the founder of the luxury brand Schiaparelli and the grandfather of the surrealist designer.

The status in the fashion industry is comparable to that of Ms. Chanel… (The two almost caused a fire because of tearing X

Visually misplaced bow sweaters, the Duchess of Windsor’s lobster skirt, including zippers are all her masterpieces…

Unlike Grandma Xiang’s ups and downs, she grew up in a honeypot.

His father was a famous professor of oriental architecture at the University of Rome, a linguist, and an ancient coin collector;

The mother is a descendant of the Italian noble Medici family (it can be said that without them, there would be no Renaissance we saw later

Since childhood, he has received artistic training from various angles of architecture, poetry and philosophy, and has traveled in various European countries.

Later, in order to avoid a blind date, he ran away from home and went to London, where he met a liar who claimed to be a theologian.

I got married on the first day of knowing each other, and married a magician who was 8 years older than me. The speed was so fast that Big S would shout: Are you serious?

As a result, after she gave birth to a child and the money was coaxed to spend almost, the magic stick ran away.

Leaving her and her sick child in a foreign land…

If we talk about Bai Fumei’s love brain above, there is some helplessness that is eager to get rid of the bondage, just got out of the cage and fell into the quagmire;

The current example is a little more distressing and forbearance.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Hollywood goddess of the 90s, is often compared by fans to Monica Bellucci.

Beautiful like a painting

Beauty never lacks pursuit, but she chose Michael Douglas, a playboy who is 25 years older than her.

Of course, compared to the previous man, this brother has economic strength and status.

Not only the second generation of stars, but also the best actor who won the Oscar

It is said that at the first meeting dinner, he said to Catherine: I want to be the father of your child.

The beauty also thought he was greasy at first, but she was still captured.

After getting married, Michael did not restrain at all, but intensified, cheating until he fell ill…

But after Michael apologized, the beautiful woman still chose to forgive and not divorce, and replied to the outside world: My husband is not a woman who likes it.

You must know that with the conditions and status of my sister, divorce and take away billions of dollars in property, it is not just a little milk dog picking…

Domestic women are also often on hot searches because of their love.

Sister Ma fell in love with Xiaole, a famous gamer, and was shouted by the whole network to run quickly… Obviously everyone’s shouting did not work, and last week, she was photographed holding hands in the same frame.

The funniest thing is that she also has a dream linkage with Sister Chuan, the reason why Sister Ma is in love

Michelle Ye, the outstanding Yan Zhishuanggao actress in the circle.

When her boyfriend was accused of cheating on plastic surgery scumbags, he not only had no reason to believe it, but also came out to criticize netizens;

Even satirizing someone’s ex-girlfriend’s character problem, so outrageous that everyone wondered if she was dropped…

Zhu Dan’s husband is not only publicly belittling her ability, but also has no sense of interacting with the opposite sex. He was photographed sharing a straw with his assistant to drink milk tea.

Men don’t speak out, but she stands up to support her husband every time.

After many similar things, he even has an exclusive entry for “humble”.

Going forward, Zhou Gongzi, the aura ceiling, has also paid a lot for his first love, Dou Peng.

He gave up his job and drifted north with him, performed two jobs during the day and sang at night, and was harassed and knocked out his teeth while singing.

In the fourth year of dating, Dou Peng wanted to buy a house, but it was not enough. Zhou Gongzi bit the bullet and found all the directors he knew, made a fortune from the show, and bought a house for him.

After finally decorating it, I thought I would no longer have to suffer from renting a house. As a result, they said: I want to live alone, let’s break up.

According to Zhou Gongzi’s interview, she was stunned at the time and asked if she had done something wrong.

Dou Peng’s answer is: I dote on you so much that I can’t concentrate on my work.

The following Zhou Gongzi still broke out a lot of behaviors that will be sniped at the love brain:

When Li Yapeng made a phone call, she put down the record she wanted to make and flew to support him in filming; she chose “Watching the Sea” as the album’s title just because the MV male protagonist was him…

In the interview, he will also show his love madly: Li Yapeng fulfills my fantasy of a man; without him (Li Daqi) will die…

Li Ruotong, the most classic Xiaolong actress in everyone’s heart, personally said that before she met her husband, her job came first; meeting him was her love and she didn’t want to pursue a career.

My husband doesn’t like it, he doesn’t even dare to apply nail polish…

quench for love

Not only the goddess, but also the strong woman who kills and decides in the shopping mall can’t escape the curse of love brain.

The eldest princess of Samsung, Li Fuzhen, went on a hunger strike to force her father to let her marry a security guard; as a result, she was subjected to domestic violence and divorce during pregnancy and paid 14.1 billion won to a scumbag…

From ancient times to the present, the experiences of women in various circles have made people’s emotions continue to accumulate.

From the heartache at the beginning, to the anger of mourning for his misfortune and anger, and finally to love itself.

Even the upper body to the personal attack on the love brain.

There is no shame in chasing love

It’s the people who let them down

Going back to the Wang Baochuan incident at the beginning, as soon as the interpretation of the love brain came out, netizens followed suit:

“When I’m addicted to love, I watch Wang Baochuan digging wild vegetables 300 times.”

“My head is a little itchy, won’t it be like Wang Baochuan, who wants to grow in love…”

Even made a full set of love brain lines expression pack for her

The sense of irony was so strong that it was almost point to her nose and scolded: You deserve it, who made you so stupid.

But have you realized a problem: it’s not wrong to chase after oneself, it’s obviously the people who let them down.

But the spectators poured their anger on them.

We are looking at it from the perspective of outsiders and hindsight, and naturally we can be clear and neat, and enjoy the enmity and hatred;

Who can guarantee that he will never be a fan of the authorities or want to take a gamble?

Sheep listed the above women, not to laugh at them, but to feel sorry and distressed.

The encirclement and suppression of the love brain is becoming more and more extreme, and even if some sisters just show their affection harmlessly, there will be strangers leaving messages:

Is it fake, fake, or brainwashed by PUA?

And even more intense, indiscriminate vicious swearing…

People who want to share happiness may even start to be timid, for fear that they will be labeled as a lover if they are not careful.

Sheep understands that everyone wants to “protect themselves” in a relationship, but don’t give up eating and give up the possibility of heartbeat because of choking;

At least don’t utter evil words and use empty words to learn about love without knowing others.

Remember: love is innocent, it’s just the wrong object.

May everyone always have the freedom to share love and the courage to leave the wrong person.