is it you? racing suit girl

Not drifting does not affect being handsome, put on a racing suit, and mentally dominate the famous autumn mountains.

Probably everyone who has a racing dream, even if he knows that F1 is out of reach, at least one must conquer a famous autumn mountain. Of course, when it comes to “Famous Mountain Bike God of Autumn”, most of them are playing tricks, but “Initial D” written by Hideo Shigeno does capture the mountain road racing with soaring hormones and the youthful spirit. As for the movie version, it can also be said to be frozen. Lived in the golden age of the last group of male gods in the Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment circles.

If “Initial D” enlightened a generation of teenagers’ yearning for racing culture, then it is probably Dai Wenqingmu, the originator of the impressive Millennium Spice Girls in the “Fast and Furious” series, who ignited the girls’ interest in street racing.

Women often take the role of vase in racing culture, either standing on the starting line to hold the flag; or sitting in the co-pilot to “accompany the race”. In an action IP movie that emphasizes “man’s romance”, it is rare to see a Suki who leads an all-female team, and is still a girl who doesn’t talk much. She roared in a Honda S2000 painted with Barbie powder, and she was called Sailor Moon in the modified racing class .

In reality, female drivers are naturally not as common as in the movies. There are not many girls playing racing cars, but many wearing racing suits. And a group of people who wore racing suits most gracefully appeared in Hong Kong in the 1990s.

The Jackie Chan Cup Star Charity Racing Club, which was held in 1993, is also known as the “Annual Beauty Racing Conference” . At that time, it gathered the legendary beauties of Hong Kong’s peak period, Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, Qiu Shuzhen, Zhang Min, Wang Zuxian, Zhong Liti, etc., invincible The all-star lineup is enough to hold up several New Year’s films. In the old photo, Maggie Sa, who is holding a helmet with one hand, looks like a light cloud, and it is a movie still when it is dented.

In 2004, the Jackie Chan Cup also toured to Shanghai. At that time, S, who was still a newcomer in the entertainment industry, was also invited to participate. The S sisters, who are young and young, still resist fighting even if they are facing the sky. Against the background of the bright yellow racing jumpsuit, vigor and vitality are blowing towards the face.

Although it came to an end in 2005, the Jackie Chan Cup at its peak was as bright as any Supernova Games. Not only has it left us the most beautiful group portraits of goddesses in racing suits , but it is also a glorious scene that is difficult to reproduce in Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment circles.

Speaking of which, racing uniforms are perhaps the most distinctive and coolest of the race uniforms. The one-piece one-piece style features contrasting color stitching on both sides, stiff shoulder pads and neckline to support the body line, no matter who wears it, it will look super stylish.

Formula 1 livery

Motorcycle Open Uniform

Championship-level racing uniforms are nearly 1cm thick, with F1 uniforms using a specific Nomex synthetic material ; motorcycle uniforms using the most stable leather fabric . The racing suit is flame-retardant, wear-resistant and compression-resistant after being treated, and even has the nickname of “fire suit”. It can protect the driver’s limbs in the event of an accident and is one of the indispensable insurance equipment.

The most eye-catching sign of racing suits is the brand stickers all over the body . After all, the racers are all advertising spaces, and they are completely packaged into an action billboard , and the neckline cannot be missed. Logo size, color matching, and placement are all designed by the team to avoid visual confusion. The biggest sponsors are usually placed in the central C position. The two tobacco giants, Marlboro and Lucky Strike, were the sponsors of the Open in the 1990s.

Advertising labelling is the essence of a racing suit, and a “green without wide” racing jacket is no different from a normal sweatshirt. The three female protagonists in “Charlie’s Angels” wear racing suits with American flag colors, and there is no striking brand exposed all over the body, which suddenly dimmed a lot.

Racing suits encapsulate almost all elements of racing culture, and a jacket says it all. Fashion has always been a cross-cultural complex. As a representative of extreme sports, racing suits are naturally “appropriated” to fashion shows.

But before that, racing culture has already entered the fashion circle. Vans’ iconic checkerboard is actually derived from the black and white checkered command flag in the racing car, which symbolizes the end of the race.

The Tommy Hilfiger 2018 Spring/Summer series incorporates a lot of racing elements, from the mesh top printed with “Speed ​​Winner” to the checkerboard pattern, which captures the essence of American racing. The classic red, white and blue color scheme also aims to pay tribute to the command flag in the F1 competition. .

Casablanca simply named the 2021 autumn and winter series directly as “Grand Prix” Formula One Grand Prix, using more gorgeous and psychedelic modern fashion to support the classic details on the racing suit. Its designer, Charaf Tajer, is also a fan of F1 racing, and this extreme sport of life-threatening to some extent coincides with the extreme hedonism advocated by Casablanca.

Ferrari Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Ferrari, the big brother of the sports car world, chose to go out in person and opened a fashion department last year. During the Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week, Ferrari launched its first show in the workshop of its hometown of Maranello, Italy, officially opening the racing culture to the fashion track, and at the same time finding a new way to allow people to win Ferrari in four figures.

Ferrari Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

The racing suit sponsored by Ferrari cannot be absent. In addition, it is also full of old photos from the brand archives, horse logos, tire ruts and other elements. There are Easter eggs laid by Ferrari for fans everywhere. Deconstructing a racing car from a fashion perspective is also an extreme romance.

The racing suits that have left the racetrack and the runway have gained a timely new term in the fashion circle – “Bikecore”. Just like the essence of Core styles such as Blokecore and Barbiecore, Bikecore also aims to add a bit of fun and handsomeness to autumn and winter looks with a strong racing jacket as the core.

The fashion compass Bella Hadid has a Vintage YAMAHA racing jacket in this year’s colorful look. The high-neck short leather jacket is spliced ​​with black and bright yellow modules. The leather material runs through the whole body, creating a cool Bikecore girl image.

When Wang Hedi recently recorded “Hello Saturday”, he also wore a smog blue stitched racing leather jacket. The refreshing image of the boss and the motorcycle suit were fully matched, and he went back to Daoming Temple in one second. The riverbank also ingeniously matched motorcycle gloves, and the look of playing with his head down inadvertently revealed a sense of uninhibited youth.

Leather jackets are recognized as a powerful tool for autumn and winter wear. How to break out of the uniform black leather jackets is bound to rely on a hard-core Racer Jacket. The wide version can outline the three-dimensional lines of the upper body , the color block stitching is used as the highlight of the whole body , and a simple white T-shirt can complete a set of fried street style.

The improved version of the racing suit jacket is also an unmistakable choice for Bikecore wear. Hailey Bieber’s Vintage Ferrari jacket has both retro and modern textures. The large area of ​​pure red is very eye-catching even when walking at night.

The oversized, loose fit is the perfect replacement for a bomber jacket, making it a windproof jacket to wear without thinking.

As an ordinary person, racing may be a distant fantasy, and not everyone is fortunate to experience the tension of danger and pleasure in the process of extreme racing. In fact, you don’t have to really chase the wind if you want to mentally have a fast speed racing addiction, you can still be handsome and pull the wind in a racing suit.

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