Is it true that 1,000 or 2,000 people line up every day for Adverse Water Cold nostalgia? Player: At first glance, you are a foreigner

Since the nostalgic server of “World of Warcraft”, there has been a wave of nostalgia in the online game circle, and a lot of domestic manufacturers have followed the trend and started the nostalgic server. Even some players of “Backwater Cold” miss 2018. When I was in the 69-level version of the happiness, I would always ask the official “Reverse Water Cold”, and also make a nostalgic costume for everyone to relive, the happiness after a person successfully attacked the big guy in the wild.

It seems that the official has also seen the players’ demands. Not long ago, the new “69 contention server” was specially added to the new expansion. In the new server, there will be a period of level 69 capping for half a year, and a vote was also launched to let players choose the previous dust. The old server is “titled”, which is full of nostalgia!

The final server name is the best-sounding Fate Ding Sansheng, as well as the Jinghong Zhaoying server that once appeared Mao Xiaomao, Yi Jian Nan, Hang Ge and Zhang Mengxi, with the support of a large number of players, from 61 merged servers. It stood out from the server and became the 69 contention server of “Against the Cold”.

In the case of the 69 version of other traditional servers, which is only three months old, the 69 version of the classic server of “Backwater Cold” will be extended to a full six months! The plan to empty the treasury with a 5,000-yuan prop reward has once again received a 2,000-yuan bonus. All 69 Zhengming server players can use the event rewards to create a high war account worth tens of thousands of dollars without spending any money at all. .

In this case, many players who like the slow-paced development mode, are more interested in leisure and entertainment gameplay and social systems, and are keen on PVP gameplay, can be in the 69 version. Players who used their methods to hang up the big guys all poured into the 69 contention server. In the end, even Jinghongzhaoying veteran Shenhaohang, who had already made his name in Thunder Awakening, went to 69 Zhengming Server to develop and rebuild Drunk Weiyang.

However, under the circumstance that the 69 contention servers are all dominated by ordinary players and small groups, not only Brother Hang and the Red Clothes family, on other servers, rely on the banknote ability to become famous, but they have completely lost their effectiveness in the nostalgic server of “Reverse Water Cold”. Even those players who wanted to move bricks in the nostalgic server were forced to hang up 24 hours a day because thousands of people queued up every day.

Now, even the first flying sword mount in the history of “Backwater Cold” has also chosen to appear in the 69 Zhengming server in advance. As long as all players can collect six pieces in various PVP games and the traditional Dragon Head hegemony gameplay, they will be able to Can unlock this domineering mount that looks like a golden dragon.

Under such circumstances, the first Dragon Head Tournament of the 69 Zhengming server will inevitably become the focus of competition for all players. The price of an unbound mount fragment will definitely be sold at an unimaginable price for ordinary people. Helping the public can also get a considerable profit from it. In terms of gameplay development capabilities, the development team of “Adverse Water Cold”, which has always been at the top of the industry, is bound to put more gameplay into the 69 nostalgic server.

Therefore, when someone questioned the queuing phenomenon of the nostalgic server of “Reverse Water Cold”, some players immediately said: There are still people who can ask this kind of thing, isn’t this a proper layman? So everyone thinks that when some of the same type of works are still thinking about how to attract local players, will it be the real trend to take the lead in the development of civilian-oriented games like “Reverse Water Cold”? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, thank you!