Is it too late to become a psychological counselor?

Do you like psychology?

Do you want to be a psychological counselor?

Do you want to know if you have the potential to become a psychological counselor?

As a 30+ person, is it too late for you to come into contact with the psychological counseling industry now?

If you are curious about these questions, then I would like to invite you to think further about the following questions:

● Why are you interested in psychological counseling?

● Do you really understand psychological counselors ?

● Can becoming a psychological counselor solve your current dilemma?


What kind of people are psychological counselors?

You may think that psychological counselors are emotionally stable, they can always solve all problems calmly, and gain happiness and happiness easily;

Or, psychological counselors may be wise and intelligent. They can always find real answers from clues and accurately guess what others are thinking;

At the very least, a psychological counselor should be gentle and tolerant, able to take on all bad emotions and things.

These ideas are all correct, but they are also incomplete.

I have seen many counselors dealing with their own life problems in a state of collapse one second, and then calmly working with clients the next; I have also heard in group supervision that many counselors are confused and confused about their work. Confused, not sure if it helped the visitor…

So, what kind of people are psychological counselors?

1. Yearn for psychology and be willing to continuously explore more perspectives on people and things

Psychological counselors often use some unique perspectives to observe society, children, and human nature. They are willing to connect with others through the learning and training of some professional knowledge and skills, and truly help others build a better life.

2. Be empathetic, willing to explore yourself, and enrich yourself through listening and communicating with others.

Counselors all face life with full enthusiasm, even if they have been deeply traumatized; they are all curious about the world, and their exploration of new knowledge and new technologies never stops.

As a “self-help” and “helping” profession, they re-recognize themselves through deep self-exploration and save others from suffering in spiritual collisions. Through holding and empathy, it is possible to realize the possibility of deep dialogue between two souls.

3. Lifelong learning, looking forward to new opportunities, and constantly achieving self-improvement

Psychological counselors are a group of people who are thirsty for knowledge. They need to maintain awe of knowledge and human nature, maintain the habit of lifelong learning, and refresh their knowledge through work and study. To become a psychological counselor, you need 5 -10 years of introductory learning, followed by a journey of thousands of miles in the next few decades.

Irving Yalom puts it this way in “Gifts to Psychotherapists”:

Every day, we look beyond our own desires and focus on the needs and growth of others.

We derive joy not only from the growth of our clients, but also from the impact our clients have on other people they come into contact with in their lives.

If you also yearn for psychology, are empathetic, willing to continue self-growth and exploration, and eager to help others help themselves, you may wish to spend 5 days to systematically understand the profession of psychological counselor.

Original price is 99 yuan , group purchase for 3 people is 39.9 yuan

The platform helps the group, no need to join the group yourself

Opening on November 24th

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Is it too late to become a psychological counselor?

Maybe you are still hesitant. You have just come into contact with the psychological counseling industry. Is it too late to learn to become a psychological counselor?

There is an interesting “36-year-old phenomenon” in the psychological counseling circle: many people start trying to become counselors around the age of 36, or start seeking help from psychological counseling with personal issues. In offline training courses or communities, people in the age group of 30 to 40 account for more than half.

Simple Psychology’s “2021-2022 Public Mental Health Insight Report” has a dedicated module to conduct research on psychological counselor groups, presenting some survey data to you, which can give you some reference or confidence.

1. Age distribution of psychological counselors in 2021

2. Age distribution trend of psychological counselors

Simple Psychology compares the data between 2017 and 2021. From the changes in the age and generational distribution of counselors on the Simple Psychology platform in the past four years: compared with 2017, the proportion of psychological counselors born in the 1980s has increased from 36.5% to 43.5%. The proportion of psychological counselors born in the 1990s increased from 2.3% to 21.87%.

3. Occupational distribution of psychological counselors

Based on the anonymous random sampling survey data of trainees on the platform, the people who are training to become psychological counselors show the following basic characteristics:

79.16% of the students reported that they had full-time jobs and used their spare time to study psychological counseling;

In terms of industry distribution of students, the top three industries are: students/unemployed (17.89%), psychology/education/training (16.63%), and IT/Internet industry (12%).

Therefore, never set limits for yourself and say: Stop messing around, it’s too late, too late! The ancients valued knowledge in the morning and died in the evening. As long as you want to learn, it is never too late!

If you are at the following stage:

● At a certain age, you have a stable family and job, good health, and a sense of inner security, and want to explore new career possibilities;

● Accumulated a certain amount of experience, had a higher pursuit of self-development, and dared to take risks;

● The industry we are in has entered a bottleneck period and needs some breakthroughs and new attempts.

Then I suggest you spend 5 days to experience the psychological counseling industry in depth:

1. Master more knowledge in the industry through professional platforms and obtain enough information to judge whether you are suitable;

2. There are 1V1 opportunities for homework review with teaching assistants, and there is also dedicated time for Q&A in the group, which will help you sort out your current situation and clarify your goals;

3. Have in-depth discussions in the group with a group of peers who have the same goals and encourage each other to move forward together.

“Introductory Experience Course for Psychological Counselors”. Class starts on November 24

“Psychological Counselor Introductory Experience Course” is jointly taught by 4 professional psychological counselors with an average of 10+ years of experience. It will systematically guide you to understand psychological counselors from three aspects: career, technology, and genre, and comprehensively solve your doubts and confusions.

Original price is 99 yuan , group purchase for 3 people is 39.9 yuan

The platform helps the group, no need to join the group yourself

Opening on November 24th

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What can you gain in 5 days?

All the content of the 5-day psychological counselor experience course is taken from some of the essence of the Seed course (a 6-month introductory course for psychological counselors). The 14 sections focus on the core and the key points are clear. Our teaching goals are clear. After learning it, you can learn from the following 3 aspects to systematically understand psychological counseling:

● Career Introduction丨Understand the current status and future career development of psychological counselors;

● Introduction to technology丨Understand your own career motivations and the principles of helping others in psychological counseling;

● Introduction to the genre丨Understand your own psychological growth direction and learning methods.

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Low price ≠ no quality guarantee.

Although it is a low-priced trial course, we still ensure the strong professionalism of the course content and the high quality of the course services. After each course, we receive a large number of positive comments from students, including teachers, full-time mothers, traditional practitioners, students…

Why this course has received unanimous praise from everyone

First of all, in terms of teacher arrangement , all the teachers we choose are front-line consultants with rich clinical experience and have been in the industry for more than 10 years . In addition to explaining the required knowledge points to students, they will also share their own experience with you. Learning experience, personal experience, first-hand clinical cases, etc.

For novice counselors/psychological counselors, experience sharing from frontline clinical practitioners is important and the most effective way to quickly understand the real status of the industry .

These contents not found in textbooks are often the truly valuable aspects of a profession and have the greatest impact on decision-making.

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Secondly, in terms of course services , “Psychological Counselor Introductory Experience Course” enjoys community Q&A and rich expansion materials and other services, including:

1V1 teaching feedback to solve your difficult problems

The course is unlocked once and supports unlimited replay within the validity period, making it easy to implement flexible time arrangements;

After-school supporting homework, 1V1 correction and feedback from the teaching assistant, and all important and difficult points in personal learning are covered at once;

Clinical counselors answer questions and share counseling experiences in the group. Your questions are important!

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More expansion materials and enriched career knowledge

A super detailed path to growth as a consultant (collection of useful information)

How to determine whether you are suitable to be a “psychological counselor”?

What pitfalls do you need to know about becoming a psychological counselor? (Experience sharing)

Different from the system courses, the purpose of the experience courses is to quickly try and make mistakes and get started quickly. The faster pace will definitely be more suitable for you who are hesitant !

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Exploring a new career requires continuous effort and courage. All your expectations for a psychological counselor need to be realized step by step. We will take you to explore your career at the lowest cost and take you to take the “first step” in your new career.

🔥 “Introductory Experience Course for Psychological Counselors”·Opening on November 24th🔥

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