Is it reliable to use an electric scraping device to scrape at home? Experts warn: Some people should use it with caution

Jimu News reporter Liao Shiqi

Correspondent Zhou Shan and Yin Qian

Drawing Liu Yang

Modern people have a fast-paced life and high pressure. They often sit for a long time, stay up late and work overtime, and eat irregularly. Over time, body stiffness, fatigue, aging, and sub-health follow. Most of the reasons are caused by poor meridians and inactive qi and blood. In recent years, with the rise of Chinese medicine, more and more people tend to use traditional Chinese medicine methods such as scraping and cupping to relieve fatigue and treat diseases. Statistics show that during Double Eleven this year, the sales of electric scraping devices have increased significantly, and young people are keen on their own scraping therapy at home. Is this really reliable? On November 30, Jimu News reporters interviewed relevant experts.

The electric scraping device is selling well, and the biggest selling point is the quick treatment

Recently, the reporter searched for electric scraping devices on the e-commerce platform and found that many stores have this product, most of which are divided into charging models and plug-in models, and the price ranges from 10 yuan to more than 200 yuan. Some stores sell monthly Ten thousand.

The reporter browsed and found that the promotional pages of many stores have slogans such as “high-power suction and strong suction” and “canning can not hurt the skin”. Negative pressure gravity is also one of the selling points of many electric scraping instruments. The promotional page explains, “Simply speaking, scraping under vacuum conditions is similar to taking a can, and it is easier to produce Sha under negative pressure and gravity.” On the promotional pages of some high-priced electric scraping devices, it is also introduced that the products have magnetic therapy Function, can stimulate inflammation to subside, relieve inflammation, swelling and pain, relieve fatigue and promote physical recovery.

In the comment area, some buyers commented that the sha is very fast, and the effect of scraping is particularly obvious. It only needs to be scraped twice, and the sha has already come out, which saves effort and is easy to use.

“Will using the electric scraping device hurt the skin?” Facing the reporter’s inquiry, a staff member of a store said that following the video provided by the store, it will not cause harm to the body.

Efficiency is affected by many factors, so there is no need to blindly pursue the rapid treatment of Sha

As a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, scraping has been favored by many people. Dr. Cheng Yanping, Director of the Rehabilitation Department of Changjiang Shipping General Hospital, said that scraping is based on the theory of meridians and acupoints in traditional Chinese medicine, using special scraping tools and appropriate media to scrape and rub on the skin surface in the correct way until the local skin turns red. A traditional Chinese medicine treatment method of “Sha point”. Its principle is to dredge the local meridians, eliminate blood stasis, and promote pathogenic factors to go out.

Many Gua Sha instruments use “quick Sha production and strong suction” as their selling point, so what factors are related to the speed and quantity of Gua Sha treatment? Cheng Yanping said that the speed and amount of Sha symptoms are mainly related to the patient’s condition and the doctor’s technique. For example, for patients with severe blockage of local meridians and meridians, the doctor’s manipulation will be stronger, and more Sha will be produced; if the patient is physically weak, or the doctor’s manipulation will be gentle, and the doctor’s manipulation will be less. If the location of the disease is shallow, the occurrence of Sha will be relatively faster; if the location of the disease is deep, the occurrence of Sha will be slower.

Wang Qing, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Wuhan Puren Hospital, said that the speed and degree of Sha symptoms will be affected by many factors. Under normal circumstances, blood stasis syndrome, excess syndrome, and heat syndrome produce more Sha, while deficiency syndrome and cold syndrome produce less Sha; people who take too many medicines, especially those who take hormone drugs, are less prone to Sha; It is not easy to produce Sha; it is often not obvious when the room temperature is low.

It is very important to control the intensity. When scraping, pay attention to shelter from the wind and keep warm

Is the electric scraping device really suitable for use at home? Director Cheng Yanping said that at present, the clinical use of manual scraping in the hospital is manual, because the severity of the technique can be adjusted at any time, and with the dialectics of traditional Chinese medicine, it can initially judge the degree of the patient’s scraping, and then carry out symptomatic treatment. However, it is difficult for the electric scraping device to imitate or reproduce the human technique 100%, and it is not easy to control the strength, which has certain health risks.

Cheng Yanping pointed out that whether electric scraping machine or scraping method is suitable can refer to the contraindications of scraping, for example, patients with sudden critical illness; people with local skin wounds and ulcers; diabetes, leukemia, thrombocytopenia and other bleeding tend Patients; pregnant women; patients in the acute stage of trauma; patients who are overworked, hungry, full, and too weak are not suitable for scraping.

Wang Qing added that when using the electric scraping device, the frequency should not be set too high, or the temperature raised too high, to avoid skin damage or burns. If the operation is not done properly, it may cause bleeding, ulceration, soft tissue damage and so on. Therefore, you must understand your body before using it and eliminate some contraindications, so as to dredge the meridians and regulate the body.

What are the precautions for self-scraping at home? Wang Qing reminded that when scraping, you should keep warm, avoid cold and wind in winter, and avoid fans in summer, and do not blow directly on the scraping area. The general principle of scraping sequence is to scrape the head and neck, back and waist first, then the chest and abdomen, and finally the limbs and joints. For each part, the yang meridian is generally scraped first, and then the yin meridian is scraped; the left side of the body is scraped first, and then the right side of the body is scraped. In principle, the scraping direction should be from top to bottom, from inside to outside. After scraping one place, scrape another place, and do not scrape in disorder. The scraping time for each part is 3 to 5 minutes. For patients with no Sha or less Sha, it is enough to have Sha spots and purple spots on the skin, and Sha should not be forced. It is not advisable to scrape again on the original spot before the Sha spots on the previous scraping site have subsided. The next scraping needs to be done at an interval of 3 to 6 days.

Cheng Yanping said that it is generally not recommended to do gua sha at home because the strength is not easy to master. If you have to do it at home, you must not blindly use vigorous force, and don’t blindly seek to produce Sha. Once you have more Sha, try not to take a bath that day.

(Source: Jimu News)