Is it possible for DRX to win the championship? Retiring Deft Triggers Samsung Lineage

Is it possible for DRX to win the championship? Retiring Deft Triggers Samsung Lineage

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Deft triggers Samsung bloodline

Deft has been very interesting in recent years. He has been on the verge of retirement, but he can advance to the global finals through the bubbling game every year, just like Samsung, the king of the bubbling game, and the old club where Deft debuted. When I was shooting a short film in DRX 2 years ago, I broke the news that I might retire due to health reasons, but then I immediately transferred to HLE and played for another year. I thought I was going to retire last year and returned to DRX. Yong reached the semi-finals of the finals. This really triggers the taste of Samsung’s bloodline, especially after the second and third elimination of EDG, DRX also has a chance to enter the finals or even win the championship.

Samsung’s ten sons are the only remaining active Deft

Deft is the only remaining active player in the era of the Samsung duo. The ten main players of Samsung, such as Imp, Mata, Dade, Looper, etc. with him, either retired, or became a coach, or an anchor, or a commentator, or quit. circle up. Although Deft has always been in poor physical condition, he actually had the longest career in that group. And this year Deft has reached the semi-finals again after 8 years ! The last time he entered the semi-finals was in 2014, when he played for Samsung Blue SSB in the quarter-finals and eliminated C9 to advance to the semi-finals, but was swept out by Samsung White SSW. Later, Deft went to EDG, and returned to the LCK after a few years, but basically never made it to the top four of the global finals until this year!

Old Ji Fuzheng

This year Deft and Beryl formed a pair of bot lane duos that look old, but have a lot of consistency and experience. Beryl’s talented hero pool is the key to DRX’s ability to face EDG and make it two and three, and it is also the biggest contributor to DRX’s group match against Asui Draven. DRX’s upper, middle, and jungle are all players of the younger generation, and only this ADC and support can be called a combination of old and powerful. Maybe Deft, like all the pros who hold out until the last minute, is really desperate for a Worlds title.

partner is important

For Beryl, who has won three consecutive LCK championships and a championship, his dream has long been realized, and his dream of wealth and freedom has given him more courage and determination to boldly practice what he thinks. A good partner is very important for a bot lane duo. DRX is in the global finals this year, and can play Ashe, Big Head, and all kinds of strange heroes. This is really thanks to Beryl and Deft, the old pair. The good tacit cooperation of the big brother combination.

DRX may be the least optimistic team in the top four, but they have already entered the semi-finals, and they do have a chance to win the championship. Compared with Chovy’s runner-up and other champions for many years, Deft’s persistence in the past 8 years is also admirable. Although from a practical point of view, the DRX that makes two chase three EDGs is indeed inferior to GenG in terms of hard power, but this final version of the Nosuke hero pool will bring great variables to the DRX game.


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