Is it difficult for JDG to make it to the final? Doinb chats about the S12 focus battle, LCK may become a big winner

For event fans, the off-season is particularly boring. After waiting for a few days, the S12 semi-finals, which gather many top teams of League of Legends, will start on October 30. Before the “LCK Civil War” between GEN and DRX, The LPL No. 1 seed JDG faced off against T1 where Faker was located. The winner accepted the final ticket, and the loser left with regret. This BO5 focus battle will not let players return in disappointment.

Stepping into the 2022 League of Legends Global Finals, the powerful LPL and LCK divisions each have four teams participating. It is a pity that GEN, T1, and DRX all advanced to the semi-finals, while RNG and EDG fell in the quarter-finals and were placed in high hopes by fans. The TES was even more unpopular. It stopped the top 16 group stage early, and JDG, who held the Silver Dragon Cup in the summer game, became the last hope of the LPL league.

As the so-called “starting is high energy”, in the first S12 semi-final, JDG will face the LCK veteran T1, which is in full swing. LCK genius tops Zeus, the new generation of wild king Oner, the legendary mid-laner Faker, little Lu Bu Gumayusi, Gold assisted Keria to form the starting lineup. This T1 team not only defeated EDG in the group stage, advanced to the quarterfinals as the No. 1 seed, but also swept the MSI triple crown champion RNG in three consecutive cities. It can be said that the momentum is hot, can JDG defeat T1? Let’s listen to the voice of Doinb, the main mid laner of LNG.

Is it difficult for JDG to make it to the final? Appearing in the LOL live broadcast room, Doinb, who has the champion skin of the Stoneman, talked about the S12 focus battle: In my opinion, T1 has a better chance of winning, and the competitive state of T1 is better than that of GEN. I heard that T1 is one of the three LCK participating teams. The best team, so I think T1 can knock out JDG 3-1 and advance to the finals! If JDG wins the first round of BO5, T1 will win 3-2, and it is a bit difficult for JDG to win.

Talking about T1 captain Faker, Doinb said bluntly: It is impossible for the top players of the LCK to join the LPL. Their annual salary is equal to the budget of an LPL team. The LCK is the richest region. I used to be a Faker fan. “, I have always liked him, not because of Faker’s recent good results, I have always liked Faker, I used to watch Faker’s live broadcast to learn skills.

After the LCK giants T1 and LPL champions JDG, GEN and DRX appeared the next day to compete for the last ticket to the final. Since both teams are LCK teams, as long as T1 beats JDG, the final is destined to be an “LCK civil war”, dreaming back to the S7 season , LCK may become a big winner.

When GEN encounters DRX, who has a better chance of winning? Doinb said bluntly: Either GEN swept DRX, or GEN eliminated DRX three-to-one. The LCK team played more training games. It depends on who has a deeper hero pool. Single Kingen is indeed unstable.

Since the opening of the S12 League of Legends global finals, the LCK is undoubtedly the best performing region. The three teams have joined the S12 semi-finals, which is enough to show how strong the Korean team is, and it is worth watching.

Reviewing JDG’s performance in the quarter-finals, 369, Kanavi, and Yagao, who formed the upper and middle field, were in a hot competitive state, and they tore the opponent’s defense line in the upper half many times. To defeat T1, Hope must face Gumayusi and Keria to stabilize his position and survive the laning period smoothly. On one side is the last hope of the LPL league, and on the other side is the old giants led by Faker. Who do you think will advance to the final?