Is it difficult for individuals to build a mobile game intermodal system?

Many mobile game agents will try to build their own mobile game intermodal transportation system after they have achieved certain success, while some agents are not willing to buy the existing intermodal transportation system, but choose to form their own team to build it. , is it difficult to independently develop a mobile game intermodal transportation system? How is it different from buying an off-the-shelf intermodal system?

Is it difficult to independently develop a mobile game intermodal platform? There are two possibilities, one is to have a special team, the other is to have sufficient funds, both of these conditions are met, but without these two conditions, it will be difficult.

1. Registered company

If you want to form a development team, you must have a company and have corresponding research capabilities. Although it is very simple to apply, it takes a lot of time. Now, buying a ready-made mobile game intermodal system eliminates this need. Steps, then you can directly buy a website and a server.

2. Funding issues

Unlike mobile games that can be bought for a few thousand dollars, the mobile game system developed by yourself costs at least hundreds of thousands, which is not a small amount, and not everyone can afford it.

3. Recruitment

Developing a system requires a large number of technical personnel, and the most important thing is manpower, and the difficulty of this system determines the manpower they have to invest. The more the number of people, the higher the cost. Of course, the more complex the system, The requirements for programmers are also higher.

If you want to develop a specialized mobile game intermodal transportation system, you must not only have a certain number of personnel, but also designers, product managers, testers, etc. If you are in a first-tier city, it is not too difficult to recruit, but if you put In second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities, it is difficult to recruit. The salary is too high, the company cannot afford it, and the employees are unwilling to do it, this is all a problem.

4. R&D cycle

Mobile games developed by yourself generally take three to six months. Of course, this is only the most basic function. If there are more functions, it will take more time to develop. Now, with ready-made system can be used directly.

After the above introduction, I believe everyone understands that it is very difficult to independently develop a mobile game. If you need a new game and don’t have enough funds, I will recommend a ready-made game. game. With money and your own team, it is not difficult to want to develop independently. As for the final choice, it depends on the ability of the individual. The above is the content shared today. If you want to know more game information, please continue to pay attention to Valley Technology, and welcome to leave a comment!