Is eating more lard good for cardiovascular? don’t believe

“Eating more lard is good for the human body’s cardiovascular system and has health benefits. Lard is simply a treasure.” Some people believe that eating lard can prevent cardiovascular disease. In the 1970s and 1980s, every family boiled lard to eat , but very few people suffer from cardiovascular disease. Nowadays, everyone eats vegetable oil, but more people get cardiovascular disease. Is this statement correct?

In fact, lard does have a certain nutritional value, it can provide the body with essential fatty acids, promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and can also provide calories. But lard is not a health supplement. The main component of lard is fat, and a large part of it is saturated fat, which has no special effect on human health, let alone cures diseases.

Lard energy is too high, eating more is not good for health. Taking an adult who needs 2,000 kcal per day as an example, the daily intake of saturated fat should be controlled at about 22 grams. If all of it is converted into lard, it is about 56 grams. If the energy supply of fat accounts for more than 30%, it is easy to suffer from a variety of chronic diseases, the most common of which is cardiovascular disease. Numerous scientific studies have found that excessive fat intake and high energy intake increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In general, lard cannot be defined simply as “good” or “bad.” Whether the lard is good or not depends on the amount of intake, that is, the problem of grasping the “degree”; second, it depends on the individual’s physique and physical condition. Blindly rejecting lard is not scientific, and scientific intake of lard does not cause much harm to the human body. Of course, for patients with cardiovascular disease, lard should be eaten as little as possible. Also, control the amount of fat you get from other foods. After all, the pan of cardiovascular disease can’t just be dumped on lard. And other foods we consume in our lives, such as meat, eggs, milk, nuts, biscuits, pastries, etc., also contain saturated fat. Therefore, lard can be tasted occasionally, not every day or every meal.

The key to healthy eating is reasonable matching, and you don’t need to completely shut out many delicious foods because you are worried about being unhealthy. It is recommended that you have dishes with more meat in your usual meals, such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, fish, etc., try to use vegetable oil when cooking; people who have been vegetarian for a long time can choose vegetable oil or animal oil with higher saturated fat content. The most important thing is not to eat only one oil for a long time. The nutritional content of different oils is different, but no oil is perfect, so you should change the cooking oil frequently and use different types of combinations, this is the real healthy choice!

Source: Beiqingwang, Strait Metropolis Daily, China Internet joint rumor-refuting platform, Shenzhen Commercial Daily, Xiaoxiang Morning News, Health Industry